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I went to the horse races at the weekend with the family for the first time in about 20 years and was amazed how busy it was considering the present economic climate although there was an added bonus if you can call it that.

The reformed pop group Steps were performing after the race meeting at around 9.00pm, hence the whole family going, as both my daughters are/were fans.

If there was a prize for coming in the last three we would have won hands down. Not once did we have a horse finish outside of the last three. Some of them I think are still running somewhere, so that`s one way of making a living I am not going to persue.

Everyone was dressed up to the nines quaffing champagne and strawberries at around $70 a pop and the footballer Michael Owen was swanning around as he had a couple of winning horses that night, and I think there is a lesson to learn here.

No matter how bad the economy there are always some people who continue to do well, and it`s the same in internet marketing. Don`t think that because of the recession it will be hard to sell online, quite the contrary.

The more squeezed financially people become the more out of necessity they will try to find ways of making extra cash, and that is where you and I come in to satisfy their needs.

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An Amazing Weekend

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Hello again, I went to Oxford this weekend with the family and some friends. We stayed over in a hotel for two nights to give us a good chance to look around as we have never been before. We discovered Oxford has a castle as well as all the universities.

On looking round the castle we discovered it was used as a prison from 1071, only being closed 1996 when it was deemed to old and a new prison built some miles away. It was then used as a film set for several British TV series such as Inspector Morse, Bad Girls and The Bill to name but a few.

It was also used in the Brad Pitt film Spy Game as a Chinese prison and in 102 Dalmatians, well worth a visit if you are ever in that part of the world. But the reason we went there apart from wanting a break was to visit the universities.

On arrival I asked at an information centre where do I find the university, which one they asked, why how many are there I asked, 38 I was told, I should have done my homework first.

So I asked for the most famous which apparently is Christ Church University. Built in the 1500s it is steeped in history and largely unchanged and very, very grand in every respect.

From it’s huge buildings and grounds it really is a must for anyone visiting Oxford. The dining hall was used as an inspiration for the Harry Potter films and is truly magnificent.

As you look down the long rows of tables there are portraits lining the walls with famous past scholars dating back to the 16th century. Everyone from Sir Christopher Wren the architect, to Lewis Carroll the author.

It has also been home to various princes and kings and members of government throughout the world over the centuries.

Click here to view the short video to get some of the atmosphere.

I have to admit finding it a little humbling, standing there thinking about the great men of the world who had sat in this very dining room and their fantastic achievements in their lives, and it got me thinking what if anything will I be remembered for.

It`s given me a huge boost to do more with my business and who knows one day through teaching and training or even charity work I want to be in a position to be remembered as someone who helped people better themselves and that will be my legacy.

This business really is unique, what other business can start up for virtually no money, build up in your spare time so it doesn`t interfere with your job and be making you a good living for just a few hours work a week and you get to help people as a bonus.

That will be my legacy what will yours be? Will you just stick with the 9 to 5 and be a wage slave all your life into your seventies or are you willing to make a commitment today to change your life and start your own business.

To learn more and get a free step by step business plan to change your life just leave your first name and email address in the box provided on the right of the site, and keep an eye out for my emails.

To your continued success


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The day the Olympic torch came to town

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Hello again I just wanted to share this quick post with you. Yesterday the Olympic torch came to our town. Its part of its tour of the country that started off with Princess Anne and David Beckham lighting the torch in Greece and brining it to the U.K.

It is on a journey of 8,000 miles over 70 days visiting over 1,000 communities and carried by 8,000 runners before ending up in London to light the Olympic flame on July 22nd.

There was a big celebration laid on with various stars appearing on the stage they had set up at a local park the Queen opened 2 weeks ago. The crowd was over 35,000 strong so it was difficult to see and it rained through out the show.

My 13 year old daughter was part of the celebrations taking part in several dance routines ending up with over 500 school children performing one large dance in the main arena with all the flags of the countries who will take part in the games, quite spectacular.

The torch was carried by various sporting celebrities such as boxer Amir Khan and people who have done good deeds and works for charities.

I was really proud that my daughter was chosen to take part and it was a great afternoon apart from the weather, oh and me dropping my expensive camera and cracking the screen.

Some of the Olympics events are taking part in our region so we will probably get to see some of them as alas we missed out on tickets for the main stadium at Wembley in London.

Below is a short video tracing the journey of the flame from Greece to the UK and then my home town, and finally leaving the park to go onto its next visit in nearby Wigan after an afternoon to remember. Take care and I will speak to you again soon.

Click here to watch the short video

Please be patient while the video loads.

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The Power Of A Simple Idea

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Never underestimate the power of the internet. In this light hearted post I just thought I would show you another example of someone who thought outside the box and changed his life.

It only takes you to create the simplest idea and with the global reach of the internet you can go viral and end up being seen by tens of millions of people.

There are many people who have changed their lives just by uploading a cute video to Youtube and it going viral and make them celebrities allowing them to appear on TV and sell tee shirts and other merchandise such as “Charlie bit my finger”.

Just an ordinary family video uploaded to youtube so it could be seen by a relative ended up going viral and getting nearly half a billion, yes half a billion views to date and it`s just an ordinary family video, see it by clicking  HERE

All it takes is some thinking out of the box and you could change your life too, just like Kyle MacDonald did. You may have heard about him on the news, he managed to swap a red paper clip all the way up to a house. Read all about his fascinating story and what the internet did for him by clicking the blue link below.

Click here to visit Kyles site.

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When HRH The Queen Came To Town

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It was an exciting day today for my family as the HRH the queen came to open a new $50 million state of the art leisure centre just around the corner from where we live. My youngest daughters class at school had been chosen to dance for the queen before she opened the centre.

Unfortunately it was raining as thousands of us gathered awaiting her arrival which meant us all standing there for an hour and a half as the queen was delayed at her previous visit to a local zoo.

Luckily just before her arrival  the rain stopped and the sun came out to dry us off. Then we heard cheering from behind us as the queens motorcade came up the road slowly flanked by police motor cycles with security bringing up the rear.

At this point the queens own security already on the ground swung into action, police marksmen appeared on the roof tops and the shadowy men in suits with the earpieces infiltrated the crowd.

The queens Bentley pulled up directly in front of us with the queen and the duke of Edinburgh waving to the crowd. They then got out and walked to the building with everyone cheering and waving flags to meet the local mayor and all the other dignitaries that had been patiently waiting.

They then went inside the new building for a look around for a few minutes before coming out to watch the various schools dancing for them. Then it was back towards the car to meet some lucky school children that had been chosen to meet her and to present her with some flowers.

They then both had a quick walk about past the crowds collecting some more flowers from well wishers, then it was back to the car for a tour round the rest of the site and off they went complete with police and escorts.  An enjoyable morning for the whole family and all within walking distance from home.

I have put together some of the best bits of video I could get on the day and some from a friend,  if you are interested,  it only lasts a couple of minutes , just click on the blue link below to watch.

The queen had visited our town several times before over the years but due to working I had always missed out which made me think how wonderfully lucky I am that I can take time off from my business any time I want, to allow me to do the more important things in life.

Take some action to change your life today using the materials I am giving you and you could be in this position sooner than you think.

Click here to watch the video

To your continued success



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