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An Amazing Weekend


Hello again, I went to Oxford this weekend with the family and some friends. We stayed over in a hotel for two nights to give us a good chance to look around as we have never been before. We discovered Oxford has a castle as well as all the universities.

On looking round the castle we discovered it was used as a prison from 1071, only being closed 1996 when it was deemed to old and a new prison built some miles away. It was then used as a film set for several British TV series such as Inspector Morse, Bad Girls and The Bill to name but a few.

It was also used in the Brad Pitt film Spy Game as a Chinese prison and in 102 Dalmatians, well worth a visit if you are ever in that part of the world. But the reason we went there apart from wanting a break was to visit the universities.

On arrival I asked at an information centre where do I find the university, which one they asked, why how many are there I asked, 38 I was told, I should have done my homework first.

So I asked for the most famous which apparently is Christ Church University. Built in the 1500s it is steeped in history and largely unchanged and very, very grand in every respect.

From it’s huge buildings and grounds it really is a must for anyone visiting Oxford. The dining hall was used as an inspiration for the Harry Potter films and is truly magnificent.

As you look down the long rows of tables there are portraits lining the walls with famous past scholars dating back to the 16th century. Everyone from Sir Christopher Wren the architect, to Lewis Carroll the author.

It has also been home to various princes and kings and members of government throughout the world over the centuries.

Click here to view the short video to get some of the atmosphere.

I have to admit finding it a little humbling, standing there thinking about the great men of the world who had sat in this very dining room and their fantastic achievements in their lives, and it got me thinking what if anything will I be remembered for.

It`s given me a huge boost to do more with my business and who knows one day through teaching and training or even charity work I want to be in a position to be remembered as someone who helped people better themselves and that will be my legacy.

This business really is unique, what other business can start up for virtually no money, build up in your spare time so it doesn`t interfere with your job and be making you a good living for just a few hours work a week and you get to help people as a bonus.

That will be my legacy what will yours be? Will you just stick with the 9 to 5 and be a wage slave all your life into your seventies or are you willing to make a commitment today to change your life and start your own business.

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