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Starting Point Weekly Issue 13

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—————————————————————- Issue 13
Starting Point Weekly

***Greetings and welcome to another newsletter.

I am making some changes to the newsletter that you, my all important readers have requested.

You have been saying you want it shorter and easier to read, so no problem that`s what I have done now the main getting started video training modules are finished.

For a bit of interest I am leaving in most of the headings and it`s up to you whether or not you read them but give them a try they are usually only a few lines long and often offer good tips such as the one below for example in thought for the day.

It should only take about 5-10 minutes maximum to read from beginning to end and rest assured there will be something new to learn every week to help you with your business and a few freebies thrown in along the way whenever I can.

Look out for the heading THIS WEEK at the end of each newsletter because that`s where I will put this weeks main article so you can skip straight to it if you are ever pushed for time.

This week I am giving you part one of a free course on outsourcing at the end of the newsletter, take a look and give yourself more spare time to enjoy life.

Thought For Today

How much are you worth?

I don’t mean how much are the component parts of you worth – the water and minerals that make up your body (a bit less than a dollar for the raw materials, a bit more if you could sell your working parts).

I mean how much does it say on the invisible price tag that you have hung around your neck.

$10 an hour? $100? $1000?

You are worth exactly as much as you believe you are worth.

My friend David is a joiner. He makes stuff out of wood. Recently he was asked to price up a job that he really didn’t want. Rather than turn it down, he simply double his normal rates in the hope that the customer would be put off.

The next day they were on the phone asking him how soon he could start.

THAT made David rethink how much he was worth!

Another friend (also called David, coincidentally) is a central heating installer. He told me that he normally quoted £800 to fit a new boiler, but recently has been losing jobs to other companies who charge much more.

When he started asking why he’d lost the job, the customers told him that they figured the more expensive companies would do a better job.

Dave immediately added £1000 to his standard price and has been booked solid with work ever since.

Mike is a management consultant. He recently decided to increase his hourly rate from £200 to £800. He is still billing exactly the same number of hours but his income has quadrupled – and he reports that his clients are now FAR more likely to do as he recommends.

It happens all around us. People everywhere are undervaluing their worth because they put their own value on themselves instead of the value that their clients and customers would put on them.

Take a look at the value that YOU put on yourself.

Look harder.

Now, whatever that value is, increase it. Live with it. Let that new value sink in to your subconscious.

Then go out into the world and show them what you’re worth.


Dale Carnegie said,

“The ideas I stand for are not mine. I borrowed them from Socrates. I swiped them from Chesterfield. I stole them from Jesus. And I put them in a book. If you don’t like their rules, whose
would you use?”

A Moment’s Inspiration

Steven Covey wrote:

‘As proactive people, we can carry our own physical or social weather with us. We can be happy and accept those things that at present we can’t control, while we focus our efforts on the things that we can.’

This Week’s Quick Tip

In an age where dress codes are becoming more relaxed, be very careful that you don’t cross the line from ‘casual’ to ‘insulting’. In the ebb and flow of business relationships, respect is very important to maintain.

The best, and most subtle way of demonstrating respect for your boss, your client and yourself, is to always take care about your appearance.

Just For Fun

The only birds that can see the color blue are owls.

This Week

Discover the Secret to getting more than 24 hours from each day.

Are you tired of trying to do everything yourself in your business?
You are creating your own products, setting up your own websites, trying to get web traffic, and managing your own affiliate program. Pfshew! No wonder you’re going crazy.

Successful business owners, do NOT do everything themselves. Find out how you can begin to outsource parts of your business — where to find people and how to be able to afford their help.

Your Most Common Outsourcing Questions Answered
Grow Your Business with Less of a Workload

In Today’s Lesson…

What is Outsourcing Anyway?
Hello and welcome to the Outsourcing Explained Course.

Over the next few issues my goal is to help you create a more profitable and less stressful business. Sounds good doesn’t it?
So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s get started. We both know that the best place to start is at the beginning, of course. Today we’re going to find out exactly what outsourcing is.

Outsourcing is the act of contracting out business tasks to someone else for completion. Outsourcing is a way for business owners, like you, to:
• Get more done in your business.
• Save time and money.
• And more…

There’s a common misconception about outsourcing that needs to be cleared up while we’re on the subject. Many think that outsourcing involves sending work to people in other countries who work for pennies and perform the work below standard.

That’s not what we’re talking about here. There are ways to outsource work to those who are professionals in their respective fields and will work to give you above par results – wherever they live.

There are a variety of tasks that you can outsource in your online business and we’re going to discuss those later in the course, but for now start thinking about everything you do in your business. Do you handle it all yourself?

If so, you’re working yourself way too hard. Or as Rich Schefren says “You’re working for a lunatic”.

Stop spinning your wheels and stop living for your business. If you’re feeling overworked and underpaid, then you need to sit down with your boss (yourself) and give yourself a good talking to.

Believe it or not, those who do every single thing in their business are actually stalling their business from growth. It’s time to create a lucrative business without working yourself so hard.

Stick around and I’ll show you how.

Next week, we’ll cover… “The Benefits of Outsourcing”

So until next week, take care.

To Your Continued Success



Starting Point Weekly Issue 10

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Issue 10




***Starting Point Weekly




Greetings and welcome to this week’s newsletter, I hope you have had a good week and are ready to crack on with building your online business. Now that you have your site up and running its time to talk about getting visitors or traffic as it’s known to your site.

Traffic is the life blood of the internet, without traffic everything we have done is pointless because without visitors nobody will see your offers and therefore you won’t make any sales.

So how do we get some, well there are two types of traffic, free and paid for as we touched on last week.  The choice is yours but will depend on your budget and your spare time.

The paid route is much quicker and you could have visitors to your site in a few hours with just a few minutes work. But the free route will take much longer, weeks or months of work and will get fewer results.

Like everything in life there is no such thing as a free lunch, you are trading your time to save money therefore it is not strictly free and depending on how much you value your time will determine the cost to you.

However I will cover both methods so you can make up your own mind but what I will say is you are far more likely to carry on with this and succeed if you can afford to spend a little money on traffic as its easy to lose interest if you are spending weeks posting on forums and blogs and not getting many results.

The quicker you can get your first subscribers and sales the more motivated you will become to get more and this will give you the drive to take you forward.

When I first started I spent months writing articles and trying other free methods but became frustrated by the results and gave up for a while because I listened to the gurus and thought I would have overnight success.

Even with paid methods you will not have overnight success, if you have a good enough free gift and offer you will get subscribers quite quickly but it will take time to build your sales funnel and get it working properly and to get enough subscribers buying regularly from you to give you a decent living, but it is worth doing.

Once you have got it all right you will have the nearest thing to push button success there is. You will just send out an email to your list that you have built a relationship with offering them a quality product that will help them with their business.

Then because they trust you they will buy from you again and again as long as you don`t promote crap to them. So it is worth doing but you have to lay solid foundations first like anything in life.

So whatever you do don’t give up on your dream you can do it. Check out the short video below from actor Will Smith on why he is successful to give your confidence a boost.


Click here to view and enjoy.





     Thought For Today




Isn’t it funny how thirty people can listen to the same speaker and have thirty different responses.


I’ve done it myself – sat in a room listening to someone speak and thought how boring or irrelevant their talk was. But later on, comparing thoughts with others, find that they thought the speaker was wonderful.


We can all project our knowledge to the world at large – but the world isn’t always listening.


Some days I get emails that say how the writer felt that this newsletter was talking directly to them, and in the same inbox others say that they didn’t think much of the edition.


It isn’t in the speaker, it is in the listener.


There is no solution. We are all different and have different needs right now.


The only advice I can offer is that we all should take notes even if the subject matter doesn’t seem to be exactly what we want. Because, tomorrow it might be.


Our needs change. Sometimes we NEED a reminder of something basic, sometimes we NEED to be stretched.


Whoever you are listening to – whether a family member or a public speaker – pay active attention. there might just be something in what they are saying that you will NEED tomorrow.








Dwight D. Eisenhower said,


“An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows.”




3 Important Steps To A Successful Business




Follow these 3 steps and you won`t go far wrong in creating a successful online business.



1.) Focus – this one is tough with all the glamor and glitz and shiny objects in the

market today.  Once you have a project that you are working on,

Stick With It. – Like my one of my favourite movies – Focus Daniel Son!


2.) Give It All You Got.  – Immerse yourself in your project.  Make

it a goal to know it inside and out, and be an expert at it.  Then put all

you can muster behind it.  Don’t skimp out on things, put the effort in

and FINISH the project.


3.) Know When to Move On – Wait for it!

Move on when you have completed the task and you put it out there!

Don’t quit halfway through, even if you get stuck, just keep at it.


Maybe it will fail, maybe it will be great.  You will never know unless

you put it out there. Either way you will have gained TONS of

knowledge and experience.




     A Moment’s Inspiration




Listen to your thoughts because even though you may have had them a thousand times, each time they are original.


Each time you have a thought you bring to it all the experience of your life so far – and so each time, you can attach more to it. Until one day, all the pieces fit.




This Week’s Quick Tip




Every time you pick up the telephone, smile.


A smile is not just a movement of muscles. It permeates your whole being. Smiling changes the way you speak, and it changes the way you think.


The person on the other end of the line may not be able to see your sunny face, but they will surely notice your tone of voice and respond positively.


When you are smiling, your own brain tries to keep up by replacing negative emotions with positive ones. Your responses in the phone conversation will be coloured by positivity.


‘When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.’




The A-Z Of Internet Marketing




J is For Jing

What is Jing ? Jing is a program that allows you to instantly capture images and record video on your computer. It is a free but stripped down version of Camtasia which is used by most marketers to create videos and powerpoints.

Camtasia is what I use to create all your training videos but at around $300 it’s not cheap.  When you are ready to move into video creation Jing is a good place to start and work up to Camtasia when ready.

If you want to know more about Jing and Camtasia just go to good old youtube and type them in for a full tutorial.




Just For Fun




When a female elephant has been pregnant for more than 20 months, she goes in search of a boraginacaea tree. A chemical in its leaves can induce labour.


Perhaps Melanie in the movie ‘Gone With the Wind’ should have popped out to the jungle – according to the actual historical battles mentioned in the film, her pregnancy lasted 21 months!




       Free Traffic


Traffic is a huge subject that it is impossible to cover fully in this newsletter, but what I will do is list some of the free ways to get traffic to help you get started.

I will also create a training video as usual to help you learn more and in next weeks newsletter we will be discussing paid traffic.

I am also giving you the option to purchase a low cost video training course on traffic generation in depth at the end of the newsletter to really kick-start your business. I also comes with PLR rights so you can use this products yourself and add it to your sales funnel so it`s win- win.

1. Blog Commenting

Many people dismiss this but the truth is that blog commenting is one of the best ways to sow the seeds of future relationships with other marketers in your niche.

Plus in the short term you get a link back to your website.

You just go to Google and type in your niche, for example internet marketing and then the word blog or forum and you will find thousands. Before you post just check there is lots of recent activity by checking the dates of the last posts as it`s no use posting on a dead site.

You then just read some posts and try to interact with people by answering questions and being helpful to build up your reputation.

If you are thinking I am new to this how could I answer these questions just Google them and then provide the answers on the blog and maybe offer a link to some training you may have found on say YouTube or better still something you have created yourself.

I have used blog comments myself and in the past and it has hooked me up with some great joint venture partners.

2. Guest Posting

This is where you find active blogs or forums in your niche that accept guest posting and you simply write a short post providing some information that will be useful to the readers and have a link back to your site or blog in the signature box. Don`t whatever you do try to sell from this post or you will be instantly banned from the forum.

Imagine writing a 400 word article and then having it published on or with a link back to your squeeze page or blog.

Do you think you would get traffic?

I should say so!

Of course, targeting these 2 sites is pretty difficult but there are many other high traffic sites in your niche that you can easily write guests posts for.

You can even outsource your articles if you don’t like writing.

You can generated an awful lot of traffic this way and I highly recommend it to you.

3. Offering Free Content

This is really a more generalised version of guest posting.

Instead of just offering articles to other marketers think about what else you can offer.

You can provide PDF resources lists, cheat sheets, videos and webinars in return for links back to your site.

This can be very powerful and if you leverage and repurpose the content you already have you can do this with virtually no effort. I’ve literally aggregated some old blogs posts or used a free gift I’d already created for a squeeze page and given this to other marketers for publication.

If you have no budget for paid advertising this is a great way to go. Especially when you start out because at that point you have less to offer in terms of doing joint ventures than more established web-business owners.

4. Forums

Instead of waiting for the traffic to come to you why not go where the traffic already is?

Forums are full of passionate people who are interested in the subject matter of your niche.

The simplest strategy is to put a link to your squeeze page or blog in your forum signature (the text that display below every post or thread you make) and get involved in the discussion adding value wherever you are!

However, many forums have promotional areas where you can offer your products (free or paid) and you might also consider advertising on the forum too (e.g., with a banner or text ad).

5. Interviews

Find experts in your niche, interview them on Skype, record the call with Pamela (PC) or Call Recorder (Mac), edit it with Audacity and publish it to your blog using the WordPress plugin audioPlayer.

In many cases the interviewee will promote the interview to their list. Also you are aligning yourself with experts which raises your status and this is a superb way of developing those golden relationship which can ultimately result in joint ventures.

6. Adswaps

Adswaps is a free traffic strategy and work like this: You promote my squeeze page to your list and I’ll promote your squeeze page to my list.

I don’t do this very much but many people do and it can be an excellent way of boosting your subscribers.

The only thing is that you shouldn’t get too carried away with them because if you do adswaps all the time then your subscribers will end up on multiple lists and be less attentive to your emails. So your open rates will decline and ultimately your list will just die!

This is a strategy you can use a little later on as you will need a list of at least a few hundred subscribers before you can swap with people.

7. Webinars

I realize this is a little advanced but something to keep in mind for the future. Putting on webinars for other marketers is an excellent way to network, gain more exposure and gain instant traffic.

On the webinar you can either:

1. Provide free training.
2. Sell one of your products (and split the profits with the other marketer).
3. Provide some free training on an affiliate product and then promote your affiliate link at the end (again split the profits with the other marketer).

8. Joint Ventures

Again for the more advanced among you. You create a product and approach other marketers to promote it to their lists. The trick is:

1. Create a great product that people actually WANT (quite important)

2. Warm up your relationship with the other marketers before you ask for the JV

9. 100% Commission Offers

Again you create a product but then offer affiliates 100% of the profits for them to promote.

It works REALLY well as the other marketers are extremely incentivized to promote for you and crucially you end up with buyers on your list which are so valuable as you can make your money by promoting other products to them on the “back end” of your business.

Also this is more about having affiliates than JV partners.

The difference being that JV partners have a much closer working relationship with you compared to affiliates. You can get affiliates that send loads of traffic and sales but you have  never even met, emailed or spoken to!

I could go on and on and there are a multitude of traffic strategies out there. But the ones above work and they will work for you to if you’re willing to put in some time and effort.

As I said earlier you can short cut traffic by paying for it to save yourself this time and effort but that will depend on your budget and will be covered next week. This is just a brief description of free traffic and I will provide you with more detail in the training videos at the end of the newsletter.

But in the meantime download this free book on traffic generation by clicking here.

If you would like to learn much more I am providing a low cost video course on traffic generation which you also get PLR rights to, so you can add this product to your sales funnel and get your money back with your first sale. Just click this link here to learn more.




       Parting Words




As promised here is the link to the 25 written for you emails for your autoresponder again, if this is the route you wish to follow. You just need to customise them a little by adding your own name and any links you might want to add. This is the way forward unless you really like to write things yourself, you can have them up and running in a few minutes from now.

Just click here to learn more and get instant access.



Don`t forget to watch this weeks video training just click here and I will speak to you next week.


To your continued success







To contact me by email go to [email protected] any useful tips or information you may know that you would like to share with the readers just email me and if it gets included in a newsletter I will give you full credit by name.




Mike Rylance is the publisher of Starting Point Weekly your internet marketing weekly newsletter, for all back issues visit the archive at




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