25 Internet Marketing PLR Autoresponder Messages


Get 25 Prewritten quality autoresponder messages you simply add your name and links to and instantly start building a list of hungry buyers in just seconds from now !!!

You know as well as I do, that the internet marketing niche is enormous. Actually that's an understatement. With the state of the economy, more and more people are looking to make extra money or create a full time income. From extra spending money to making enough to survive, they are looking to strike it rich on the net. 

Here is your opportunity to be an almost instantly expert and go-to person when it comes to internet marketing and making money online. Even if you have little to no experience on the subject.
I don't  have to tell you that there is almost an endless supply of products you can promote to the internet marketing and affiliate niche. From digital products such as ebooks to videos, even membership sites, which means you won't run out of products to promote any time soon. 
This package includes everything you need to get started building a large internet marketing list and communicate with that list on a regular basis.
With 25 well written messages you'll build trust with your readers which means you'll have a better chance of them reading each email and buying what your selling.
They will look at you as the expert or authority, the go-to person when it comes to internet marketing.
You'll get a well done, ready-to-go internet marketing profits squeeze page and matching confirmation webpage. Just add your Opt-in code, upload the web pages and it's ready to start building a list for you, all on auto-pilot. These are ready well crafted web pages, with elements that have been shown to increase opt-in conversions.
You will be getting 25 Pre-Written High Quality messages dedicated to internet marketing. Add your promotional links, your affiliate links, any links you want for that matter, copy and paste the messages into your Autoresponder series and it's ready to go.
These messages are not tied to any product or service, so you are completely free to promote anything you'd like. What ever makes you the most money.
It doesn't get much easier.
You'll even get a blank message template to add even more messages to your autoresponder series. this package even comes with a legal disclaimer template/message to cover yourself.
Everything is included!
The messages are all pre-formatted to 65 characters to save you time, no formatting needed, it's already been done for you! These messages are high quality with a large amount of text, over 11,000 words of high quality text content!
I have revamped the Subject lines to help increase open rates and to give you an idea of what the Ecourse covers:
Sales and Marketing from Square One...
Internet Marketing Revealed for You
Here's How to Profit from Internet Marketing...
The Low-Down on Affiliate Marketing
How to Beat the Competition
A MUST for Success in Internet Marketing!
Here's the Most Profitable Niches and Why
Top Niches that are Sure to Make You Dough
Find HOT Products here...
Want Some Time Tested Traffic Generators?
Quality Traffic OR Crap Hits?
You can Use this Steady Traffic Stream Today
Paid forms of Traffic
Even More Traffic Ideas...
Search Engine Optimization - Simply Put
More on SEO...
The Simple SEO Process, it's pretty easy really...
Free Hosting Pro's and Con's
Beyond Free Hosting...
Quickest Way to Create a Website (and it's easy)
Wordpress Blogging and Goodies
Want An Almost Guaranteed Audience?
Email Marketing Done Right
important Internet Marketing Strategy for You
Making Internet Marketing Work for YOU!
Messages come in TXT, Word Doc and Open Office ODT, for easy use.
Each Message contains a closing hook at the end of each email message to keep your subscribers looking forward to your next message, which of course, can mean a much more responsive list for you!
You could use this Internet Marketing Profits Autoresponder Series as a brand new message set or add them to a series you currently have running for extra messages and even more opportunities to sell more to your growing list.
Ecourse Covers:
"Internet Marketing 101" has 25 modules.
1. Sales and Marketing 
2. How Internet Marketing Works
3. How To Make Money With Internet Marketing
4. What is Affiliate Marketing
5. Competition in Internet Marketing
6. Researching in Internet Marketing
7. Desperate Niches 
8. Profitable Niches 
9. Clickbank 
10. What is Traffic? 
11. Traffic vs. Relevance 
12. Article Marketing 
13. Paid Forms of Traffic I 
14. Paid Forms of Traffic II 
15. Search Engine Optimization I 
16. Search Engine Optimization II 
17. Best SEO Practice 
18. Your Own Website vs. Free Options Online I 
19. Your Own Website vs. Free Options Online II
20. Blogs – Wordpress I 
21. Blogs – Wordpress II 
22. Email Marketing I 
23. Email Marketing II
24. Internet Marketing Strategy
25. Good luck! 
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[YES] Can be given away
[YES] Can be packaged
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[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Private Label Rights


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