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if you are hopeless at typing like me you may be interested to know that if you’ve got a recent-ish Windows computer (anything from XP onwards) then it’s got a speech to text program built-in.

So there`s no need to splash out on expensive software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking or similar. Using this will help you write articles and other content lots and lots quicker than even the fastest typist.

Microsoft almost seem to go out of their way to *not* tell you
this exists for some reason. You can even control your computer with voice commands too.

To access this fabulous program just search your Windows help for “speech recognition” and it will show up. Even if you have to dig around for it.

Then spend a few minutes training it – at the least, go through
the first exercise but ideally both – it seems to repeat after
that or maybe I was getting bored.

Then try it out.

The first few times, it will probably be slower than even a
hunt-and-peck typist.

But keep with it and you will be writing content in half the
time it currently takes you, maybe even ten times faster if
you can only type with one finger like me.. LOL..

To your continued success,


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