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Starting Point Weekly Issue 9



***Starting Point Weekly


Greetings and welcome to issue 9.

In this week’s video training, you will be getting a paypal account and integrating it into your site and then you should be ready to start getting subscribers and making some sales. You will also need a series of autoresponder messages to build a relationship with your new subscribers.

Research has shown it typically takes around 7 messages to ease your potential customers into trusting you and making that first purchase. That doesn`t mean nobody will buy straight away but the majority won`t.

But it is still my intention to try and sell a low cost high value product straight off the bat as this will help to subsidise your advertising costs to get the subscribers in the first place. Don`t be frightened by costs, they will be small. I will also show you several ways of getting subscribers for free but it depends on the speed you want to build your list.

Free traffic will take much longer and much more effort to build your list but it depends on your budget and your spare time. Having tried both if I had my time again I would concentrate on paid traffic at least at first to give your list a kick start and boost your confidence by getting your first sale under your belt.


Thought For Today


A very quick thought for today, but one that can make a big difference to you.

When you make your to-do list for this week (please say that you ARE going to make one!) add an extra column on the side.

This column is the one for other people to do.

One of the hardest success secrets to learn is that nobody gets there all on their own. The people at the top of the tree got there because they learned that some things are best done by them, and some things aren’t.

You ‘they-do’ column is where you put all the jobs that can and should be delegated. Don’t beat yourself up about it. If it can be efficiently passed on, do it without guilt.

By writing it down in your ‘they-do’ column you achieve two things: you make the act of delegation official in your mind, and you provide yourself with a reminder of who is now responsible, and when by. You are now not responsible for the doing, but you ARE responsible for checking that it is done, and done well.

A good delegator is not an abdicator. You are not simply moving things off of your desk for the sake of it. Your role should be to facilitate that the work gets done by the most efficient means.

Your ‘they-do’ list is a very powerful tool. Use it.



Winston Churchill said,
“For myself, I am an optimist – it doesn’t seem to be much use being anything else.”


Some Useful Information Part 2


Carrying on from last week if you remember I promised to help you clear all the toolbars clogging up the top of your pc and just keep the one you want. If you are using the firefox browser like me, go to your browser screen and you left click on the orange firefox button in the top left of your screen above the toolbar.

Then you should see add-ons on the right of the drop down menu with a blue jigsaw piece next to it. Left click on add- ons and on the next screen click on Extensions on the left next to the jigsaw again.

Then just click the remove button on the right for all the tool bars and clutter you don’t want to keep and your PC is back to its original state, clutter free.


A Moment’s Inspiration


Richard Wiseman, in his book ‘Did You Spot the Gorilla’ (a highly recommended paperback about research into luck) tells a great story.

He ran an experiment where he asked people to sit down with a newspaper and count the number of photographs inside.

Half way through the paper was a half-page ad that said in big type, ‘Win £100 by telling the experimenter that you have seen this.’

Previous to the ‘experiment’ all the subjects had been asked to rate themselves on a luckiness scale.

Most of the people who thought themselves lucky spotted the ad and won the money.

Most of the people who felt unlucky didn’t see the ad.

Their conclusion is that both groups had the same opportunity, but the unlucky ones were focused on the task in hand so much that they could see opportunity when it was staring them in the face. The lucky people, even though they still managed to count photographs perfectly well, maintained a wider vision that allowed them to grab at unexpected chances.

My conclusion is this:

‘If you want to get lucky, take off your blindfold.’



The A-Z Of Internet Marketing

I is for internet

The history of the Internet began with the development of electronic computers in the 1950s. This began with point-to-point communication between mainframe computers and terminals. But there is a misunderstanding between many people that the internet is the same as the world wide web.

The world wide web which is what the www. means at the start of all your web addresses, was developed much later and launched in December 1990 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau which quickly grew into today’s platform.

I find it amazing how much it has changed our lives and will continue to do so as it evolves. Just 22 years ago it didn’t exist and most people didn’t own a PC let alone know what to do with one.

Now children as young as two are playing on them and mobile phones and tablets are now doing the same job, better and quicker than those early computers that cost a fortune and had a memory hundreds of times smaller than your phones memory card.

It really started to explode as we moved away from the slow and expensive dial up modems and moved to much quicker and cheaper broadband. I wonder where we will be in another 20 years, I suppose our grand children will laugh at our technology as I am sure the future will have changed dramatically again by then.


This Week’s Quick Tip


Do you have limiting beliefs?

Of course you do! We all do. And almost everyone is false.

Successful people always assume they CAN do something and then set out to prove it.

Everybody else assumes they CAN’T do something and then set out to prove it.

Just for today, put your limiting beliefs to one side. Let your mind do a 180-degree flip and see the world through the eyes of a super-success.

I have a saying in my seminars:

“Can you learn to learn you can?”

Try saying that backwards and you’ll get the idea.


Just For Fun


My favourite fruit is the banana, and I have always been fascinated to see great columns of them growing on their huge palm-like trees.

So it has come as a shock to learn that I’ve been wrong all these years:

Bananas are not fruits – they are berries.

Banana trees are not trees – they are the world’s largest herb, closely related to the lily.


Building your online business


I have given you plenty of advice about writing your email sequence but I understand there are a lot of you out there who would rather spend a few dollars and have it all written for them. Well if that`s you, I have put together a series of 25 emails to get you started that are ready to go and all you have to do is add your name and links and load them into your autoresponder and you are ready to go in minutes.

It only costs a few dollars and you can get started right away or to make them your own by using these templates as a starting point for ideas and alter them to suit yourself. They also come with full PLR rights which mean you can sell them yourself to your newbie subscribers to help them get started. If you are interested in this package of 25 internet marketing pre-written relationship building emails just click on the link below and have a look.

Click here to learn more


Parting words


We have come to the end of another newsletter take some time to think about traffic for next week. How much time can you realistically devote to the free ways of getting traffic that we will be discussing next week, or would you rather get much quicker results by spending a little money. I will show you both methods and let you decide for yourself, so until then take care and have a good week.


P.S. if you would like a copy of my free report called Relationship Marketing With Emails then just click here to download your free copy.


To view this weeks training video click here

To your continued success


To contact me by email go to [email protected] any useful tips or information you may know that you would like to share with the readers just email me and if it gets included in a newsletter I will give you full credit by name.

Mike Rylance is the publisher of Starting Point Weekly your internet marketing weekly newsletter, for all back issues visit the archive at

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