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An Amazing Day At Harry Potter World


Had a great weekend away and on the Saturday went to Harry Potter World in Luton just outside London. If you ever get the chance to go it`s not to be missed but you need to book first as you have allotted time slots for your visit. It`s actually in the Warner Brothers studios where all the films were made and the main characters practically lived through most of their childhood, even being schooled there. You get to sit in the great hall and imagine all the cast sat in the exact same seats you are. The uniforms and clothing actually worn by the cast are right there in front of you. My daughter is an avid fan and couldn`t believe the sets were the actual ones used in the film. You could sit in Arthur Weasley`s flying ford anglia car and by the magic of special effects take away photos of you flying in it. Or get on the tripple decker bus, walk up to Harrys house that`s not a model but really built in bricks and mortar. Then take a stroll up Diagon Alley and visit Ollivanders wand shop. One of the highlights of the tour being a breath taking huge scale model of Hogwarts used for all the outdoor shots. Then a chance to buy various Harry Potter merchandise from the extensive gift shop. It really was an amazing day for all the family and we are already talking about a revisit at some point in the future.


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