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When HRH The Queen Came To Town


It was an exciting day today for my family as the HRH the queen came to open a new $50 million state of the art leisure centre just around the corner from where we live. My youngest daughters class at school had been chosen to dance for the queen before she opened the centre.

Unfortunately it was raining as thousands of us gathered awaiting her arrival which meant us all standing there for an hour and a half as the queen was delayed at her previous visit to a local zoo.

Luckily just before her arrival  the rain stopped and the sun came out to dry us off. Then we heard cheering from behind us as the queens motorcade came up the road slowly flanked by police motor cycles with security bringing up the rear.

At this point the queens own security already on the ground swung into action, police marksmen appeared on the roof tops and the shadowy men in suits with the earpieces infiltrated the crowd.

The queens Bentley pulled up directly in front of us with the queen and the duke of Edinburgh waving to the crowd. They then got out and walked to the building with everyone cheering and waving flags to meet the local mayor and all the other dignitaries that had been patiently waiting.

They then went inside the new building for a look around for a few minutes before coming out to watch the various schools dancing for them. Then it was back towards the car to meet some lucky school children that had been chosen to meet her and to present her with some flowers.

They then both had a quick walk about past the crowds collecting some more flowers from well wishers, then it was back to the car for a tour round the rest of the site and off they went complete with police and escorts.  An enjoyable morning for the whole family and all within walking distance from home.

I have put together some of the best bits of video I could get on the day and some from a friend,  if you are interested,  it only lasts a couple of minutes , just click on the blue link below to watch.

The queen had visited our town several times before over the years but due to working I had always missed out which made me think how wonderfully lucky I am that I can take time off from my business any time I want, to allow me to do the more important things in life.

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