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The day the Olympic torch came to town


Hello again I just wanted to share this quick post with you. Yesterday the Olympic torch came to our town. Its part of its tour of the country that started off with Princess Anne and David Beckham lighting the torch in Greece and brining it to the U.K.

It is on a journey of 8,000 miles over 70 days visiting over 1,000 communities and carried by 8,000 runners before ending up in London to light the Olympic flame on July 22nd.

There was a big celebration laid on with various stars appearing on the stage they had set up at a local park the Queen opened 2 weeks ago. The crowd was over 35,000 strong so it was difficult to see and it rained through out the show.

My 13 year old daughter was part of the celebrations taking part in several dance routines ending up with over 500 school children performing one large dance in the main arena with all the flags of the countries who will take part in the games, quite spectacular.

The torch was carried by various sporting celebrities such as boxer Amir Khan and people who have done good deeds and works for charities.

I was really proud that my daughter was chosen to take part and it was a great afternoon apart from the weather, oh and me dropping my expensive camera and cracking the screen.

Some of the Olympics events are taking part in our region so we will probably get to see some of them as alas we missed out on tickets for the main stadium at Wembley in London.

Below is a short video tracing the journey of the flame from Greece to the UK and then my home town, and finally leaving the park to go onto its next visit in nearby Wigan after an afternoon to remember. Take care and I will speak to you again soon.

Click here to watch the short video

Please be patient while the video loads.

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