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Why Having A List Is So Important For Your Business


Hello again and today I want to talk to you about list building and why you should start building one as soon as possible.

You can promote affiliate products on the likes of Clickbank as an affiliate and get up to 75% commission for every sale you get which sounds like a great deal until you look more closely at what you are missing out on.

Let me explain, at first glance 75% commission on a product you didn’t create and don’t have to deal with sales and customer service sounds a good deal, but look deeper and there are some disadvantages.

The reason why anyone would give you 75% of their profits is because you are the one doing all the hard work by sending them visitors (traffic) to their offer.

Visitors they would never have had without your efforts, so they make 25% for doing nothing and the icing on the cake is they get to capture the email addresses of the visitors and add them to their list.

Then in the future they can send offers to that list and generate sales for years to come and keep 100% of the profit, pretty clever eh. You are effectively building their list for them and earning them 25% profit to boot and all for no work on their side.

That is why ideally you should strive to create your own product as soon as you feel ready. Then you can sign up your own affiliates to send you visitors and build you a list, instead of you spending all your time trying to get traffic to affiliate sites and not building your own list, which will become your greatest asset.

That’s how the big marketers do it. You must have heard the phrase “the money is in the list” well it’s 100% true provided you give them quality information and build up a relationship with them.

If you do this then they will then trust you and buy from you time and time again. What you must not do is bombard your list with offer after offer without giving them anything in return as this will make them unsubscribe in their droves.

Some of the big marketers do this and rely on getting hundreds of new visitors a day on their list and burn them out with offer after offer over a few days or weeks until they unsubscribe.

This is not the way to build a sustainable business as you are constantly having to find a large number of new subscribers for your list. If you slowly build up your list and look after it, as I said your subscribers will buy from you time after time because they feel they know and trust you.

You don’t even need a very large list to make a good income, just a few hundred subscribers in the right niche can make you a good living.

Once you have your own list you can then promote, not just your own products but affiliate ones as well. You can also do joint ventures, where you do a deal with a fellow marketer in a similar niche and with a similar sized list and promote your products to their list and in return you do the same with your list.

You both get to sell products to customers you wouldn’t normally have access to and add them to your list, so it’s win win for both of you.

You can also contact other list owners and do what is known as an ad swap or list swap. This is very similar to a joint venture but you usually each give away something such as a short video or report to entice people from each others lists to give their email details in return for the freebie.

This allows both of you to add new subscribers to your lists for free. I hope this has explained why your own list is so important, I realise at this stage you might be thinking you could never have your own product, but it’s easier than you think.

But that’s a subject for another day, so until next time, take care and we will speak again soon.

To your continued success


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