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When Is The Right Time To Get Started


The simple answer to that my friend is now!

The thing that stops most people getting started is the excuse that they are not ready, they just need to learn a bit more, or to decide on a niche, or polish or tweak the project they are working on at present.

Another one is the time is not right, due to the recession nobody has any money to spend. Well, let me tell you all these are just subconscious excuses not to get started, let’s look at them one by one.

1) There will always be a reason why you are not ready and the time isn`t right, so when will it be, the simple answer is never, so just do it.

2) You need to learn a bit more, well, let me tell you that you will never know everything and you will be constantly learning new things in this ever changing market so just get on with it.

3) You need to decide on a niche. No problem just follow my training and pick one, job done. Don`t agonise over it, if you get it wrong all you have lost is a little time and you will learn valuable lessons to help you get it right next time.

4) I am working on a project that just needs tweaking. My first question to you is how long have you been tweaking it? If you are not careful you will use that as an excuse and never finish it. Just get it something like and get it out there, your customers will be the best judge of if it needs any more tweaking and do it as necessary.

5) Finally nobody has any spare cash due to the present economic climate. This is total rubbish; the current climate actually works in your favour.

As earning are squeezed and people lose their jobs, they are looking to find other ways of saving money by doing things themselves that they might have paid someone else to do previously.

Or alternatively they are looking for ways to start their own business to earn some extra full or time money. Again this is where you come in with your products to give them what they want.

Do you see all of these are excuses created by your subconscious mind to keep you within your comfort zone. Your subconscious mind, (and this is scientifically proven) is only happy in a state of flux, and is only interested in things staying the same.

As soon as you even think about moving out of your comfort zone to try something new, alarms go off in your head and chemicals are released to create fear and doubt so you will give up and return to your comfort zone so everyone can be happy again.

This is a fact, so it is not really your fault if you give up, but what you must do is fight it or nothing will ever change in your life. This is just what your subconscious wants, but it shouldn`t be what you want.

If you are not happy with your life then make a decision today to overcome your doubts and fears and get started. As you have already said there is no better time than now.

Someone once asked me have they missed the boat with internet marketing, and my reply was the boat hasn`t even left the harbour yet.

Internet marketing will be around as long as people are hungry for information. I know you can search out a lot of it yourself for free, but us humans are a lazy lot and people will always be willing to pay for someone else to do the searching and bring all the information together.

They want it all in one easy downloadable ebook or cd or dvd and that is where you and I come in and clean up. Stick with me and I will help you get started as easily and as cheaply as possible.

I will give you my step by step Blueprint To Success to download below to get you started at once. So go one, no more excuses, just click on the blue link below, and get started today.

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