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What Is The Copyscape Test?


You may or may not have heard about articles having to pass the copyscape test but let me quickly explain what it`s all about. When you are buying PLR articles to use on either your own site, or more so on article directories you don`t want to just use them as they come.

This is because the articles will have been used by other marketers thousands of times before you and the article directories will only accept unique content.

Whilst you could use them as they are on your own site it will not help you rank well with the search engines as this is considered duplicate content.

What you should do is to either rewrite them yourself or outsource to sites such as or What is Copyscape, well it’s considered the industries benchmark when it comes to checking for your contents uniqueness.

What the copyscape site does is check your article or text for it’s unique content on sites all over the internet in seconds. You just go to and sign up for an account and pay in $5 or $10.

This allows you for 5 cents a time to simply copy and paste your text into the box and push a button and within seconds it will scan the internet and tell you if your content is unique.

This is a must if you are paying others to rewrite for you to make sure they have done a good job before you pay them. It is also necessary to check your own articles if you have rewritten or spun them to ensure you have altered them sufficiently to make them unique.

I have created a short video for you demonstrating the live use of the Copyscape site. Check it out using the blue link below.

Watch video by clicking here

Please be patient while the video loads.


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