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What do you want from your life?


Today I thought I would get you thinking about what it is you want from life. What part of your life would you like to improve, think about it for a moment.

What part of your life isn’t going the way you had hoped and what are you prepared to do about it. You see it’s no use going through life moaning about things if you are not prepared to take action yourself to change things.

Nothing is set in stone, with a little effort you can change anything in your life, you just need to ready for the challenge ahead.

Take a piece of paper now and write down the biggest thing in your life you want to change right now, be it more money, better job, house, car, to become self employed, work from home, you decide. Once you have decided you then need to plan how to get there.

Let’s say for instance you want extra income and in these trying times who doesn’t, you need to think about how you are going to get it. Can you get a better job or promotion or work longer hours.

Is your partner working, if so can they work more hours or get a job if they are not working already. Failing that can you reduce your monthly out goings even slightly to give you more spare cash.

You see there are more ways than you think of getting more money. Have you ever thought of selling your unwanted items on ebay or even buying from a wholesaler to resell on ebay for a profit.

Before you dismiss the idea, think about why you can’t do this. There are millions of people making a full and part time living on ebay. It doesn’t involve giving up your day job, at least until you are making enough to quit, if that is your aim.

You can start with just a few dollars worth of stock and perhaps make just a little money for a special treat and once you see it can be done build on that.

Alternatively, just sell your unwanted items and use the money to start your own internet marketing business, I will be helping you with that in the next few weeks and months.

You need very little money to get started, and again you don’t have to quit your day job until you are ready. Put it this way, only you can change your life, I will say that again, only you can change your life.

I can help you, but I can’t do it for you. If you take no action, how can anything in your life ever change, unless of course you win the lottery, and good luck with that one.

To help you out if you think you are ready to make that change then this may be for you. I am including a free step by step guide to making your first sale online with internet marketing.

Why not download it and see what you think. If however you think you would like to start to sell on ebay to get you at least started doing something, then look around your house, loft and garage, and you will be amazed at some of the things you have lying around that you no longer need.

Then gather them up, photograph them and put them on ebay, you have nothing to lose and it may be the start of a whole new life.

Which ever of the two paths you choose you are at least making forward progress towards your ultimate goals. Keep watching out for my emails over the coming weeks as we begin the life changing journey together.

To your continued success



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