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The 2 Main Reasons You Will Fail Unless You Follow These Tips


Hi Mike again, are you ready to get started on your own internet marketing business?

Right I know you are desperate to jump in with both feet and get going but hold on a minute, we need to sort out a few things first.

First of all where are you going to run your business from? It’s no use sitting in your lounge with your lap top on your knee trying to work while the tv is on and other family members are distracting you.

This is a recipe for disaster, you need your own space where you can sit uninterrupted and get on with your work. A spare bedroom is ideal if you have one, that’s where I started from and still use it today as I don’t want to have to commute to an office or have the expense.

If you don’t have that luxury then shut yourself in your own bedroom while the family are downstairs and tell them not to disturb you for the next hour or two. Unless you find your own space and designate your hours of work you will not succeed in this business.

If you can get a desk from somewhere even a small one and squeeze it into a corner somewhere that will define your space, you can buy a small one very cheaply from the likes of staples.

Also and this is very important get yourself a good comfortable chair. You are going to be spending many hours sat on it while you build your business and the last thing you want is a bad back so choose carefully, it is important to be comfortable while you work.

Next you need to define your working hours. It is much better to work a few hours on several evenings that to do nothing all week and then spend all day Saturday working for example.

You need to sit down with a pen and paper each week and write down the 7 days of the week and work out what time you have to work on your business. Now be honest with yourself if you can’t work say Monday night because you play squash or you have to look after the kids, that’s fine just cross off Monday.

If Friday night is out with the boys or girls then that’s fine just cross off Friday. If you know you can’t work for any reason on any day just cross it off the list. But on the days and times you can work write in how many hours you intend to do without killing yourself and stick to it religiously and you will be surprised what you can achieve.

Just make sure when you are working you are not being distracted by checking emails or surfing the net because before you know it you allotted time will be up and nothing will have been done.

I am sorry we have not got started yet but without a place to work and a rota for doing it you will never get anywhere so I will leave you now to sort out you office space and work out your rota.

Look out for how to choose a domain name, the next stage on your path to success and I will speak to you soon.

To your continued success

Mike Rylance

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