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Starting Point Weekly Newsletter issue 2




Starting Point Weekly





and a very warm Welcome back, I do hope you enjoyed last weeks launch newsletter. If you missed it for any reason, you can catch up at the Starting Point newsletter archive located under Starting Point WeeklyNewsletter archive in the categories section of this blog on the right of the page as with all our back issues.


Have you had a chance to look at last weeks free download Think And Grow Rich yet.  This is an awesome book that has sold over 30,000,000 copies and has been read and used by just about every successful person in our times. If you haven`t read it find the time and give it a look.



What do you want?




This week I thought I would get you thinking about what it is you want from life. What part of your life would you like to improve, think about it for a moment.


part of your life isn`t going the way you had hoped and what are you prepared to do about it. You see it`s no use going through life moaning about things if you are


not prepared to take action yourself to change things. Nothing is set in stone, with a little effort you can change anything in your life you just need to ready for


the challenge ahead. Take a piece of paper now and write down the biggest thing in your life you want to change right now, be it more money, better job, house, car, to


become self employed, work from home, you decide. Once you have decided you then need to plan how to get there, lets say for instance you want extra income and in


these trying times who doesn`t you need to think about how you are going to get it. Can you get a better job or promotion or work longer hours. Is your partner working


is so can they work more hours or get a job if they are not working. Failing that can you reduce your monthly out goings even slightly to give you more spare cash, you


see there are more ways than you think of getting more money. Have you ever thought of selling your unwanted items on ebay or even buying from a wholesaler to resell


on ebay for a profit. Before you dismiss the idea think about why you can`t do this, there are millions of people making a full and part time living on ebay. It


doesn`t involve giving up your job, at least until you are making enough to quit if that is your aim, and you can start with just a few dollars worth of stock and


perhapes make just a little money for a special treat yourself and once you see it can be done build on that. Alternatively, just sell your unwanted items and use the money to start your own internet marketing business, I will be helping you with that next week. Put it this way, only you can change your life, if you


take no action how can anything ever change. To help you out if you think this may be for you I am including a free guide to using ebay, why not download it and see


what you think, then look around your house, loft and garage and you will be amazed at some of the things you have lying around that you no longer need. Then gather


them up, photograph them and put them on ebay you have nothing to lose and it may be the start of a whole new life.  Download your report here.




Thought For Today




Become a child.


Children learn because they are always asking questions. Why this, how that, where is it, who did it, what can I?


Adults learn to NOT ask too many questions – and therein lies the problem.


By suppressing our inbuilt curiosity, we suppress our creativity as well.


Try this exercise.


Next time you walk along a street with shops in it, look in the windows. But unlike the way you usually do it, look with a question in mind: “why did they do that?”


And then worry about the answer!


Only by solving the question for yourself can you move on to the next one – make a game of it!


When you’re done with shops, move on to newspaper ads.


“Why did they do that?” “How is this supposed to make me feel?” “What would I have done to make that better?” “Who are they directing this message to?”


When the questioning habit gets fixed in your brain, along with it will come a massive boost in your creativity, general problem-solving abilities and love of life.


The world is a pretty spectacular place when you learn to see it in the full colour hue that endless questions paint it with.








Ralph Waldo Emerson said,


“Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing.”




A Moment’s Inspiration




Lao Tzu said, “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.”


What did he mean by kindness?


Quite simply, he was referring to positivity.


Make a list of all the positive words you can think of, keep that list with you to add to all the time, and make a commitment to yourself to incorporate as many of


those words into your speech and thoughts as you can every day.


In no time at all you will be more confident and profound.


And all because of a few little words.




The A-Z of internet marketing



For those of you new to internet marketing I am continuing this weekly section to explain some of the terms used in internet marketing to help you understand how the business works and what you will need to start your online business. So without further ado lets get started.


B is for Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important ways of climbing to the top of google page rankings. Here is the official definition. Backlinks are incoming links to a website or webpage. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.  Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links.

The search engines often use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the most important factors for determining that website’s search engine ranking, popularity and importance. Googles description of their page rank system, for instance, notes that Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B.

Knowledge of this form of search engine rankings has fueled a portion of the SEO industry commonly termed linkspam, where a company attempts to place as many inbound links as possible to their site regardless of the context of the originating site.

Websites often employ various techniques (called search engine optimization usually shortened to SEO) to increase the number of backlinks pointing to their website. Some methods are free for use by everyone whereas some methods like linkbaiting requires quite a bit of planning and marketing to work.

Some websites stumble upon “linkbaiting” naturally; the sites that are the first with a tidbit of ‘breaking news’ about a celebrity are good examples of that. When “linkbait” happens, many websites will link to the ‘baiting’ website because there is information there that is of extreme interest to a large number of people.

There are several factors that determine the value of a backlink. Backlinks from authoritative sites on a given topic are highly valuable. If both sites have content geared toward the keyword topic, the backlink is considered relevant and believed to have strong influence on the search engine rankings of the webpage granted the backlink.

A backlink represents a favorable ‘editorial vote’ for the receiving webpage from another granting webpage. Another important factor is the anchor text of the backlink. Anchor text  is the descriptive labelling of the hyperlink as it appears on a webpage. Search engine bots (i.e., spiders, crawlers, etc.) examine the anchor text to evaluate how relevant it is to the content on a webpage.

Anchor text and webpage content congruency are highly weighted in search engine results page (SERP) rankings of a webpage with respect to any given keyword query by a search engine user.

Increasingly, inbound links are being weighed against link popularity and originating context. This transition is reducing the notion of one link, one vote in SEO, a trend proponents hope will help curb linkspam as a whole.

It should also be noted that building too many backlinks over a short period of time can get a website’s ranking penalized, and in extreme cases, the website is de-indexed altogether. Anything above a couple of hundred a day is considered “dangerous”.

Sorry I know all that sounds complicated but you do not need to understand it all. In a nutshell, a backlink is a link, or vote if you like from another site by linking back to yours. The higher the page rank of the site linking back to you the more weight in Googles eyes that link carries.

The more links you can get especially high ranking ones from such as .edu domains  or pr5 plus pages the higher up the search engine rankings your page will go. Don`t worry about any of this when the time comes to get backlinks I will either teach you with step by step instructions or show you how and where to outsource this work for just a few dollars.




This Week’s Quick Tip




Why discounts are disastrous and bonuses beneficial.


Giving a discount is a favour granted by you to the buyer. But a bonus has to be earned.


That is a huge difference.


Once you cut your price, you psychologically set a new cost position in the buyer’s mind. Next time the discounted price is the one they compare with.


A bonus has the opposite effect. The buyer feels good about the sale, having won the bonus, but your price base hasn’t been eroded.


Whenever possible, sell a sale with a bonus, to the benefit of the buyer, rather than accept a discount, to the detriment of your company.




Just For Fun




Once a Swift leaves its nest it remains in the air for between two and four years at a time – eating, sleeping and mating on the wing. It is estimated that a young


Swift travels non-stop for over 300,000 miles before making its first landing.




Parting Words




Please you owe it to yourself to take charge of your life. No one can do it for you but to do this you need to know what you want otherwise it`s like leaving the house on a car journey without having a destination.


You will just drive round and round but never get anywhere and it`s the same with life, know your own destination and then map out how to get there a little as a time. I will help you do this so stay with me over the coming weeks, as always feel free to email in any comments or suggestions on any improvements or additions etc as it`s your newsletter and I want you to get the maximum out of it.

That’s it for now I will speak to you next week and don’t forget this weeks training video below.


Click here for week 2 training video


To Your Continued Success


Mike Rylance




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