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Starting Point Weekly Issue 8


Issue 8



***Starting Point Weekly




Greeting and welcome to another action packed newsletter.

In this week’s training video we will be uploading your squeeze page, sales page and thank you or (download page) to the internet. This means that you will have a working site by the end of this week ready to start collecting subscribers and by the end of next week’s lesson you will be ready to start making sales as well. You should congratulate yourself as you will have achieved all this in less than 2 months which is quite an achievement.

If you have been unable to keep up don`t worry it`s not a race. I realize that everyone works at their own speed and these lessons are not going anywhere, they will be in the archives for years to come but please, for your own sake do try to put in at least a few hours a week otherwise you will lose interest and the chance to change your life.

I have already had some good feedback from people who have taken action and are following the lessons and making good progress. I can`t wait until I am getting regular emails from my readers telling me you have just got your first subscriber or sale.

So please don`t give up because it`s yourself you will be letting down, not me.  It will take time to build your list and to start making good money from it but if it was as easy as the instant riches brigade want you to believe, that you can push a button and cash pours from your PC like an ATM machine. If it really was that easy everyone would be doing it and that`s clearly not the case.

By subscribing and following the training in these newsletters you have raised your hand and shown you are in the minority of people who don`t just dream and talk about becoming successful.  You are willing to take some action and move forward each week to get nearer to achieving your goals and for that I applaud you, keep up the good work the rewards are well worth it.

Here is a short video on never giving up your dream, no matter how old you are. It doesn`t  matter about your education, what job you do, or if you have failed before you can do this. If this lady had listened to what others had told her and given up on her dream she would not be a millionaire now and world famous she would still be broke and unemployed at the age of 50 something.

This is one of my all time favorite videos as an ordinary looking 47 year old woman blows away all the competition to achieve her dreams. With over 100 million views to date, a truly magic television moment.


Let this be a lesson to all of us, never judge a book by its cover, enjoy.

Click here to watch the video







Thought For Today




The little bird walked along the branch of the tree it called home.


It saw bigger birds on other branches and in other trees, but it didn’t worry about them too much. It was happy on its own little branch. A few ants wandered up every day and the odd fly landed nearby, so it wasn’t starving.


Every now and again it saw a bigger bird swoop through the air to go somewhere mysterious. It didn’t think it could ever do that – even looking down from its little branch was scary.


Anyway, what would be the point – it had everything it needed right here on this branch.


Time passed. Lots of ants and flies visited and got eaten. The little bird had tried talking to them, but they never answered.


One day the little bird noticed two things. Its little branch was starting to bend rather worryingly and by the end of the day it was feeling hungrier and hungrier. Somehow there were never enough ants and flies to fill it up any more.


Then one day it rained.


The beads of water hung on the little branch and clung to the bird. The branch bent even more … until … crack! It snapped.


The bird found itself falling through the air.


By reflex, it opened its wings. At first the air filled its feathers and the bird started to glide. Then it twitched muscles that it hadn’t known it had and instead of falling, it found itself soaring.


A dragonfly was hovering nearby and without even thinking the bird snapped its beak and enjoyed a new and tasty snack.


Oh wow! The bird thought, why haven’t I done this before? It landed on another branch but there was nothing there, so it jumped off again and soared to the top of the tree.


A big bird landed on a leafy branch beside it. The rain had stopped and the sunshine was bright and warm.


‘So you finally made it – we were getting worried about you,’ said the big bird.


‘What do you mean?’


‘Some birds never reach the top of the tree. They’re too scared to leave their perch down below. We try to show them, by flying past every now and again, but they don’t always get the message.’


‘But it is so beautiful up here – why didn’t you just tell me?’


‘Would you have believed me,’ replied the big bird, ‘it doesn’t matter whether you get here by choice or accident; the only important thing is that you found the way on your own.’ With that, he opened his big wings and flew away.


The bird looked down through the tree. He could see lots of little branches from here, and lots of little birds pecking at ants and flies. He hoped he’d meet them up here on top of the tree someday, but for now, mysterious places beckoned.








Joseph Addison said,


“Knowledge is, indeed, that which, next to virtue, truly and essentially raises one man above another.”




The A-Z of Internet Marketing




H is for hosting

Now if you have been following these newsletters you should all know what hosting is and already have an account, but for anyone who has missed it, this is what hosting is.

In a nutshell, web hosting or ‘hosting’ is a service provided by a vendor which offers a physical location for the storage of web pages and files. Think of a Web Hosting Company as a type of landlord, they rent physical space on their servers allowing webpages to be viewed on the Internet.

It is not possible to have a presence on the internet without someone to host your pages/content for you. This usually involves having your own hosting account with a company such as for example.

You can get free hosting, for example a wordpress blog. Here wordpress host it for you but I would not advise going down this route as you have no control over the site. It can be closed down by your host provider at any time and for any reason and you would lose all your hard work.

As hosting is not very expensive and you can host hundreds of domains on the same account for the same monthly fee, typically around $10 per month it`s not worth the risk.





A Moment’s Inspiration




Redwood trees can grow to enormous heights – the tallest known is in California and measures over 117 meters tall (384 feet).


Yet, most Redwoods have very shallow roots. Typically, even a giant tree has roots that only go down about 6 feet.


How do they remain standing?


The answer is in cooperation.


Although their roots don’t go down far, they spread out wide. And whenever a Redwood’s roots encounter another Redwoods roots, they mesh together, like lovers holding hands.


That’s their big secret. they don’t try to stand alone.


Our downfall as striving, success-seeking human beings is that we so often forget that we can’t do everything ourselves. Our roots simply can’t go down far enough to support all of our dreams and ambitions.


That’s why, like the giant Redwood trees, we need other people to help us to grow.


We need to hold hands so that we don’t fall over in the first wind.




This Week’s Quick Tip




A hundred years ago in Japan, a musician named Suzuki wondered how birds could sing.


He studied songbirds and found that chicks only learned to sing when taught by a ‘Master Songbird.’ If raised in isolation, they never learned the skill.


We are like songbirds.


There are ‘Masters’ all around us. We just have to seek them out to learn new skills.


Before you seek out your own masters, think hard about the skills you really want to learn. Read all you can. Absorb the knowledge of the world. Ask questions. Think laterally. Write your questions down on paper.


Then, if you still need help, your master will find you. But sometimes, if you listen hard enough, you find that your master is already inside.




     Useful Information


Just a few lines you may find useful.  Now a days when you download free software it often comes with strings attached. By that I mean those annoying tool bars and browsers we don`t want, the Babylon tool bar for example. It takes over your browser, pushing good old Google out of the way and its difficult to get rid of.

Even uninstalling it from your control panel doesn`t get rid of it which I think is bang out of order, so what do you do ? Well go to whatever browser you have and type in or whatever browser you want as your default.

Then in the url box of the address line just before the www. there is a small globe to the left, left click on the globe and keeping your finger pressed drag the cursor over to the right of the address bar where you will see a symbol of a house.

Still with your finger pressed hover over the house symbol (which means home page) and release your finger. This now should bring your home page back to Google or whatever address you typed into the bar. Easy when you know how, but it took me ages to find this out. Next week I will show you how to get rid of all those toolbars the build up at the top of your screen for good.




Just For Fun




Next time you put your old blue jeans on, if they are Levis, take a moment to look at the zipper.


Levis have YKK on the zipper tag, which stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha, the largest zipper manufacturer in the world.


I bet you’re glad you know that.




Parting Words




We have come to the end of yet another newsletter, I hope you have enjoyed it and are getting something positive out of them. I hope after reading some of the articles you understand you are not in this alone. If you get stuck try watching the training videos again, have a look on youtube and if you are still stuck shoot me an email and I will try and help you.

I want you all to succeed and become great friends and who knows maybe we can all meet up at a seminar sometime and share our experiences and help each other.  Until next week watch the training video below and most importantly take action.

Click here to watch this week’s video


To your continued success






To contact me by email go to [email protected] any useful tips or information you may know that you would like to share with the readers just email me and if it gets included in a newsletter I will give you full credit by name.




Mike Rylance is the publisher of Starting Point Weekly your internet marketing weekly newsletter, for all back issues visit the archive at



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