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Starting Point Weekly Issue 6



*** Starting Point Weekly

Greetings, and welcome back, I trust you had a good week.

This week in the video training we will be looking at what a
squeeze page is for and how to rebrand the product you
hopefully selected last week.

What is a squeeze page I here you say, well a squeeze page
is a page you set up on the internet where you drive traffic
(visitors) to.

The sole purpose of this page is to squeeze the email
address out of your prospects (potential customers) in
return for your free gift/offer.

The reason you need to capture their email address is
because you want to add them to your email list, as you need
to make building your list a priority. As we have already
said the money is in the list.

Next week I will be giving you 10 free squeeze page
templates and showing you live on video how to edit them
ready for starting to build a list in a later lesson.

You can’t beat having a list of hungry buyers that you have
built up a relationship with that you just send an email out
to every time you want to earn some cash.

Then because they trust you, they buy in there droves
creating you a push button income so to speak.

This is the nearest you will ever come to a push button
income, but you need to put in the work first to build the
list and the relationship.

This is the secret to internet marketing success, not
chasing traffic but to concentrate on building your list.

Building a list is not as difficult as you may think and we
will be going into list building in greater detail later on
in the training, but we need to set up a few things first
which we will come to later at the end of this newsletter in
the training video.

A Real Life True Story

Now I would like to share a true story of my own with you
from when I was young and foolish. It’s a bit long but
absolutely true and with a good point to make.

Ever since I left school many, many years ago I have been
looking for ways to make extra money and have my own

Long before the internet came along I had bought courses to
make extra money from the business opportunities sections of
the newspapers and a weekly magazine called Exchange and
Mart, maybe you have heard of it I think it’s still around.

I always had a dream of owning my own shop but at the tender
age of 20 there was no way I could afford one. So when I saw
an advert in Exchange and Mart for a wholesale warehouse in
Manchester, which is about 20 miles from where I lived, that
sold items you could sell on a market stall.

I got really excited and thought great, I will set up a
market stall on a Sunday so it doesn’t interfere with my day
job, make loads of money and save up and buy a shop, simple

All I had to do was buy some cheap stock, add a big mark up,
sell it and buy more, easy money. So I drove to the
warehouse with no real idea of what I was going to sell I
just thought I would see what they had when I got there,
great plan, not.

When I got there I was like a child in a sweet shop, they
had thousands of items for sale. So I quickly decided to
just buy things that were cheap so I could make loads of
money. After about two hours in there and spending far more
than I intended because things were cheaper if you bought in

The more I bought the more I would make, I thought, after
all everyone knows you have to speculate to accumulate,
right. I spent over £200 which back them was a fair amount
of cash with no research on what would sell at all.

When I got home I was all excited and started writing prices
out for each of the products I had bought and adding 100%
profit and there I was ready to launch my new empire.

Then I realized I had to find a Sunday market to sell my
products at. So I spent the next two weeks trying to find
one near enough to where I lived, no internet in those days.

Then luckily I found a flyer by chance, advertising a Sunday
market about 30 miles away that opened every Sunday
throughout the spring and summer.

Sunday came and I was up at 5.30am and off I went. I got a
little lost on the way there, no sat navs in those days, and
arrived just after 7.00am. I pulled up at the gate where two
men in yellow coats where standing and I told them I wanted
a stall.

Well the men looked at each other and started laughing and
one said you had to be there before 6 o’clock to stand any
chance of getting one as they go very quickly.

I was devastated and drove off. I parked around the corner
to think and decided to wait until it opened and have a look
around and see how much money I was going to make the next
week when I came back.

When it opened I went back and walked around and found to my
horror there were plenty of stalls selling the same kind of
things I had bought but at nothing like the prices I was
hoping to charge, again I was devastated.

I drove home realizing what a fool I had been, why had I not
visited the market first to see what was selling and at what
prices instead of just jumping straight in. I had let myself
get carried away without doing the research first.

The profit margin on my stock compared to what other stalls
were selling them for was quite small, nothing like the 100%
I was looking for and hardly worth my while.

So over the next few Sundays I grudgingly got up at the
crack of dawn and rented a stall until I had sold most of my
stock and really only covered my costs with a very tiny
profit not worth all those early Sunday mornings and that
was the end of my short career as a market trader.

If I had approached things differently I could perhaps have
made a success of it. But dejected I moved on to the next
shiny object, and that my friend is why 99% of people trying
to make money online fail miserably.

Like me they don’t do the research first to find a hungry
market for the products and quit at the first hurdle and buy
into the next big thing.

If I had taken the time to visit the market first and see
what was selling and for how much, and maybe found something
with less competition that I could source for a price that
would make me a reasonable profit, then they might have
stood a chance.

But by then I had had enough and moved on to the next get
rich quick scheme. The moral of my story is this, you find a
hungry market first and then find a product you can sell to
that market at a good profit, and you don’t give up until
you succeed.

That is what makes internet marketing so special, you can
create or rebrand an in demand product quickly and easily if
you know how, and sell it time and time again with no on-
going costs if it’s a digital product.

No buying stock, no delivery costs, you simply work once and
get paid over and over, the perfect business model. So if
you are planning to get into this business, and I highly
recommend you do.

You must focus on just one project and don’t keep jumping
from one thing to the next and plan out your strategy.

Don’t be a fool like I was and just jump in with both feet
until you have a plan. As the great Winston Churchill once
said “he who fails to plan plans to fail” don’t let this
happen to you.

If you are interested in avoiding all the start-up errors
and want a short cut to my training, there is a
comprehensive step by step plan to take you from where you
are now to where you want to be with your own online
business much quicker than my training will allow.

Do you want to learn more, if so who do you listen to?
Well who you listen to is someone who is actually doing it,
not just talking about it. Someone who has been making money
consistently online for over 10 years.

Someone who has created hundreds of products and made
millions of dollars, two of the internet good guys.
I have been mentored and worked personally with these two
guys and can tell you they know what they are talking about.

They have created a simple step by step blueprint you can
copy right now to create your own work from home internet
business in super quick time.

It`s ideal for newcomers, and the more experienced, to help
you build your profitable home business. It helps you get to
where you want to be, in an easy to follow step by step
blueprint, your guide through the internet jungle if you

• Here are just a few things you will learn:

• How to start with and from nothing.

• How to grow a mailing list starting from scratch,
zero, no subscribers.

• How to generate sales without any big name guru

• How to create your own products without writing a
single word.

• How to set everything up even if you’re not a
technical ‘whiz kid’.

• How to advertise and market your business without a
massive budget and in most cases WITHOUT spending any money.

• How to overcome the new persons barriers to wealth.

• How to make money online even if you haven’t made a
penny so far.

What you need to realize is that all internet marketing
success stories started exactly where you stand now.
They didn’t have any of those things…including me, but I
didn’t let it stop me and neither should you.

Every journey no matter how long begins with just one step
and that is where you are now, you just need to be shown the
right path.

Unfortunately there are a lot of so called gurus out there
who don’t want you to find this path because then you won’t
need to continually buy their products.

They want to keep you in the dark and confuse you with all
the different products out there so they can keep selling
you the next shiny object that will deliver push button

The only way you can succeed online is to break out of this
mentality and concentrate on a proven system.
Like anything else you do need knowledge to get started, you
wouldn’t get into a car for the first time and expect to be
able to drive would you.

You would pay for lessons from someone who knows how to
drive, well internet is no different. You need to invest in
yourself to learn how to do things the right way using a
proven system that works and you can understand, and stick
at it until you succeed.

That my friend is the secret of being successful at
anything. Don’t give up at the first hurdle and buy the next
shiny object that lands in your inbox and the next.

Stick with it and never give up. That’s why 99% of would be
marketers fail, follow this procedure above and don’t give
up and success will be yours.

You have chosen the right business to be in, with low start
up costs and big profits you just need to do it the right
way, so click the link below and take a look at something
that ticks all the right boxes from someone who has been
there and got the tee shirt as they say.

If you are serious about making money online then this is
definitely for you. I personally recommend this as a great
starting point on the road to your internet business success
check it out below with no obligation, and good luck.

Click here for the step by step blueprint

Just in case anyone is upset by me having a sales offer in
the middle of the newsletter let me explain. I would be
doing you my subscriber, a disservice and not be doing my
job as your mentor if I did not share with you good quality
products that can help you achieve your goals quicker or

You are under no obligation to buy, I am just trying to show
you how to fast track your success if you think you are
ready by introducing you to a quality low cost solution to
your problem, I do hope you understand.

Thought For Today

The book ‘The One Minute Millionaire’ by Mark Victor Hansen
and Robert Allen is filled with great ideas and ‘Aha’
moments. If you haven’t read it yet, I can heartily
recommend it.

One of the thoughts that it puts forward is that nobody gets
successful without a system.

While I guess there are a few lucky souls who muddle into
their success, most of us need a process to follow.

The book defines a system as


Isn’t that a good mnemonic!

It exactly defines the reason why you need a system for
everything that you do.

One of the key way-points on your journey to success is when
you finally realize the power of systems and start to build
your own.

Because make no mistake – personal development coaches,
mentors and trainers can tell you about the systems THEY
use, but the only systems that will always work for YOU are
the ones that you have built for yourself.

Coaches and mentor’s personal development ideas can provide
you with a guide, but you have to do a little of the work as

Many people make the mistake of thinking that buying the
latest ‘guru’s’ system will ensure their success. It
probably won’t, unless you are prepared to break down the
advice and then build it up again so it suits your own

Successful people tend to take a bit of this plan, a bit of
another, added a few wrinkles of their own and made a pretty
good profit.

Success is highly personal thing. My definition of it is
certainly different to yours. So why think that another
person’s system for achieving THEIR success will
automatically bring you YOURS?

Beg and borrow ideas from everyone around you. Look to see
what systems successful people do use, but then adapt them
for your own use.


Admiral William F. Halsey said,

“There aren’t any great men. There are just great challenges
that ordinary men like you and me are forced by
circumstances to meet.”

The A-Z of Internet Marketing

F is for FTP

Now that’s fooled some of you hasn`t it, so what is FTP.
FTP: Stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP was designed to
support the quick and easy transfer of files to computers
connected by networks, either private networks and/or the

Most applications that require the transfer of files such as
web development environments or content management systems,
support the FTP protocol.

That’s the technical term but what it basically means is it
allows you to upload files from your pc to the internet
using certain programs such as Filezilla.

If you are still not sure don`t worry you don`t really need
to know this. We will be using Filezilla later on in these
lessons to upload your squeeze page etc to the internet, but
for now that’s all you need to know.

A Moment’s Inspiration

Today’s inspirational thought is a rather long quote from
the excellent book ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’ by Dr Maxwell Maltz.

It talks about something that we all have to deal with once
in a while: the feeling of inferiority.

So many of us not only fail to achieve, but fail to even
think we CAN achieve because of an irrational and almost
always wrong feeling that we are not good enough. Read on to
see why it is so wrong:

“Inferiority and superiority are reverse sides of the same
coin. The cure lies in realizing that the coin itself is
spurious. You are not inferior or are not superior. You are
simply you.

You as a personality are not in competition with any other
personality, simply because there’s not another person on
the face of the Earth like you or in your particular class.

You are an individual. You are unique. You are not like any
other person. You are not supposed to be like any other
person. And no other person is supposed to be like you.”

Earl Nightingale said, “A person is living because he was
meant to live, and he has talents and abilities that are
totally his own, unique with him.

His job then as a person is to learn to know himself. If he
does, he’ll like himself or he’ll discover that he’s quite a
person after all.

He’ll recognize and accept the things that he cannot do as
well as some other people but he’ll also understand and
appreciate those things that have been given him to do

(Of course, for ‘he’ read ‘he or she’ – I wish we had a
better gender non-specific term!)

The Awesome Power Of The Internet

The Awesome Power Of The Internet

Now I just wanted to show you how some people have made a
fortune on the internet just by thinking outside the box.

Sometimes the simplest ideas can make you millions, so
believe me the internet is the right place to make your
fortune online if you are committed and willing to spend a
few hours a week building your online business.

You can do this, it takes no special training or
qualifications it really is without a doubt the easiest and
cheapest way to start a business. Follow me and together we
will make it happen.

Never underestimate the power of the internet. It only takes
you to create the simplest idea and with the global reach of
the internet you can go viral and end up being seen by tens
of millions of people.

One such person is Alex Tew an English student you may have
heard about him on the news, he wanted to pay his way
through university by selling 1,000,000 pixels of ad space
on the internet for $1 a pixel.

Read all about his fascinating story and what the internet did for him and could do for you.

Click here to get the full story.


This Week’s Quick Tip


One of the most important things you can do in your life is
to train yourself to be an active decision- maker.

Decisions are what make things happen, but too often we
sidestep the issue and put off reaching one. We
procrastinate in the hope that the problem will go away or
that someone else will take charge.

It won’t go away – and why should someone else determine
your fate?

Every time you are in a potential decision-making situation,
be positive! Make a decision to act one way or another. It
is okay to decide to seek more information – at least you
Committed to a positive action.

If at all possible, note down the decision on paper as a
private contract with yourself.

The more you do it, the easier it will become.


Just For Fun


The world’s highest waterfall, at 979 meters is Angel Falls
in Venezuela.

The waterfall, named after an American pilot, Jimmy Angel,
whose plane got stuck on top of the mountain while searching
for gold, is sixteen times the height of Niagara Falls.


How To Get Started With Clickbank


Clickbank is an online market place for products that you
can promote as an affiliate and get up to 75% commission for
every sale you get.

Clickbank is home to hundreds of products in many niches not
just internet marketing and there is bound to be something
that interests you there.

I know what you are thinking, why would anyone give you 75%
of their profits. Well it’s because you are the one doing
all the work to send them visitors, known as (traffic) to
their offer.

Visitors they would never have had without your efforts, so
they make 25% for doing nothing and the icing on the cake is
they get to capture the email addresses of the visitors and
add them to their list.

Then in the future they can send offers to that list and
generate sales for years to come and keep 100% of the
profit, pretty clever eh. You are effectively building
their list for them and earning them 25% profit to boot and
all for no work on their side.

Right, back to Clickbank, I am going to give you a free
download I created that will explain all about Clickbank.
In time I will teach you how you can easily create a product
such as this as they are quite easy to create. You would be
surprised how easy it is.

In the mean time click the blue link below to download your
free copy of How To Make Your First Sale Online.

Click here to download

*** Parting Words

Well we`ve come to the end of yet another newsletter that’s
been much longer than usual as I had so much to share with
you this week, as always I hope you are finding them useful.

As I said earlier if you want to short cut your route to
success do check out the excellent product I have lined up
for you this week.

It was created by two of the internets good guys that I have
worked with personally. Anyway enough said, if you think you
might be interested just click on the link below to learn

Click here to learn more.


Don`t forget to watch this weeks free training video below
and I will speak to you next week.

Click here to view free training

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This is your newsletter and I want you to have a say about
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useful tips or information that you would like to share with
the readers just email me and if it gets included in the
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If you have any comments or questions please email them to
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I will reply as soon as I can.

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