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Starting Point Weekly Issue 4


*** Starting Point Weekly

***Greetings, and welcome back, hope you had a great week. I start off with an apology, I received an email from a reader, Terry from Stafford in the UK who wrote “it’s all very well you beating me over the head to start a business but what if I don’t want to.

I started reading this newsletter more for entertainment and curiosity really but have found learning about internet marketing quite interesting but I am not sure it’s a road I want to go down at present so give us the great undecided a break”.

Again I apologise, as a reader of Starting Point you don`t have to start your own business or indeed do anything you don`t want to, I will be quite happy for you to be one of my valued readers, and I do value you.

The comments I made and will continue to make are for those of you who are, or think they are ready to try something but lack the get up and go or the means to get started, but I don`t value any other readers less. I hope that clears things up Terry.

*** Thought For Today

Get in the elevator.

There is a movie called ‘Get Shorty’. You may have heard of it.

In it there is a scene with John Travolta (playing a loan shark who want to get into the movies) and Gene Hackman (playing a third-rate Hollywood producer who is desperate to raise money for his favourite script.)

Hackman’s character wants to interest a big-name actor in the lead part and tells Travolta about how he is going to approach the actor’s psychotherapist’s personal trainer.

Travolta, whose character is bemused at the roundabout ways that Hollywood people operate says, “That’s the difference between you and me. If I want something from someone, I ask them straight out.”

How many times do we all act like third-rate Hollywood producers – skirting round the sides of problems, dealing through middle-men, and never really addressing the heart of the issue?

If you are in business, I bet you will do just that today.

How about taking a stand and elevating your problem higher to begin with.

Very often, the people at the top of departments and organizations have no idea about the real problems that are going on – and receiving your call may be just the wake up that they need.

It is lonely at the top – but it is even lonelier if nobody talks to you!

So today, stop messing around with agents, psychoanalysts and personal trainers (to continue the example), get in the elevator and take your problems up to the top floor.

*** Blueprint To Success

Moving on, I am committed to helping you achieve success so please watch the video training lessons each week I am sure you will find them very interesting.

I will show you the quickest cheapest and easiest way to start your own business selling other peoples products for up to 75% commission using several sites including or even your own if you have one.

So how to get started, I am going to break this down into bite sized pieces each week with just a few small tasks to do before next week, call it homework if you like. Although there is nothing stopping you reading it all and jumping ahead straight away if you like, it’s up to you.

I just find you are more likely to carry out a small task each week than be overwhelmed with the whole thing.

I know for some of you it is perhaps too basic but I want to cover everything from the beginner upwards so if you are more advanced please bear with me it will be worthwhile in the long term as we come to a detailed step by step plan.

*** Quotation

G.K. Chesterton said,

“I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.”

*** A Moment’s Inspiration

Take a moment to pause in your busy life and bring to mind these things:

A beautiful sunset over a deep blue sea.

A white-capped mountain range.

A baby taking its first faltering step.

A rose.

The look on an old lady’s face when she first sees her grandchild.

The tears an athlete sheds when their national anthem plays.

How did each one of those things make you feel, deep down inside?

Now make your own list.

It’s true, isn’t it: the best things in life are free.

*** The A-Z Of Internet Marketing

D is for domain name
A domain name is for example Google is the domain name. My domain name for this newsletter is starting point weekly is the domain name I registered.

You register a domain name at sites such as dreamhost, or godaddy or hostgator, but there are thousands more. In my experience if you are going to require hosting which is basically renting a piece of cyberspace to have your own site on then its better and easier to use the same company for both.

At some point you will want your own site and choosing the right domain name for your site is of the utmost importance to get the best search engine rankings.

You should use the google keyword tool to find the keywords people in your niche are searching for and use them in your domain name. For example if you are in the make money online niche you would want ideally something like incorporating some of the most searched for keywords in your niche.

If the keywords are not available as a domain because they are already registered as is most certainly the case with make money online you just have to keep trying different keywords or variations of those words until you find one that’s available.

I will go into this a lot more in the training video at the end of this newsletter and show you a great free tool to help you come up with some suggestions you would never have dreamed of.

***This Week’s Quick Tip

Don’t allow yourself to become a victim to negative thoughts. They will surely destroy you.

Your mind is so powerful that it will work to make every thought, when repeated often enough, come true. When you constantly see the downside of everything, that is exactly what you will get.

Karl Wallenda, the famous high-wire performer, fell to his death in 1978. His wife said afterwards, “All Karl thought about for three months prior to it was falling. It seemed to me he put all his energies into ‘not falling’, rather than walking the tightrope.”

Life is like a tightrope. Keep your eyes up and your mind focused on the positive outcome and you’ll avoid many of the pitfalls along the way.

*** Just For Fun

The first CD ever to be released to the public was Billy Joel’s “52nd Street”. It was launched in Japan in October 1982

***Parting Words

Well we have come to the end of yet another newsletter, please keep emailing in with any suggestions as this is your newsletter and it is important to me to give you what you want, and don`t forget to watch this weeks training video on choosing your product to promote.

So until next week take care and I will speak to you then.

Click here to watch this weeks training video.

Links to hosting sites

Dreamhost P.S. If you sign up with Dreamhost and use this code 4RT58USP you get your first domain name registered for free.



To Your Continued Success

Mike Rylance

Mike Rylance is the publisher of Starting Point Weekly your internet marketing weekly newsletter, for all back issues visit the archive at

Any questions email me on [email protected]

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