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Making New Friends


Friendship is a wonderful thing, I don’t know about you but I had lost touch with most of my friends over the years due to us all getting married and having kids and moving away etc.

But believe it or not internet marketing has given me dozens of new friends. These friends are better in most cases than my old friends because they are like minded. If I was to talk to the majority of people let alone friends and tell them I was doing internet marketing you can imagine what they would say.

It’s full of scammers nobody makes any honest money from the internet its just people trying to rip you off. Now I can understand where they are coming from but they have no real experience only what they have read or heard.

They mainly want to put you down because deep down they don’t want you to succeed because they don’t have the courage to try it themselves.

They are too caught up in the belief that’s drummed into us from birth that you need to go to school work hard and get a good job and hope you don’t get made redundant.

Well that’s fine for most people, but if you are searching for make money online material the chances are you are not happy with your life at the moment and you want to do better for yourself and your family. You have raised your hand and said you are different; you want more out of life.

Which is fine but saying it and really meaning it are two different things. I can show you the way to make money online but it does require some work. Forget what you have read about push button profits that make you thousands while you sleep with little or no work because that is just a lie.

While you can make money while you sleep, you must put in the hard work first, which they don’t bother to tell you because they are afraid if they tell the truth you will be put off and not buy their products which is really all the are interested in.

They don’t care if you make it or not as long as you keep on buying their products. It makes me so mad that these so called gurus are only interested in your money. But if you tell your friends they will ridicule you because they are afraid that if you make it they will feel jealous and inadequate, so they try to discourage you.

So keep your plans to yourself and make new like minded friends who you can talk to about your business and support each other. I as I said have made many friends in this business and I speak to them every week and try to meet up several times a year and help each other by sharing ideas and knowledge and doing joint ventures which you don’t get in many other businesses.

This for me is the best business in the world, so what’s stopping you getting started, fear of what other may think, fear of failure. Get over them, you can never fail unless you give up, just treat any failures as an opportunity to learn and don’t dwell on them, just learn from the experience and move on.

Sorry if all this has been a little heavy but friendship is one of the things I value the most from this business. So take the first step today and get started and who knows, we could be meeting up to help each other build our businesses.

To show how valuable friendship can be, check out the video on the link below and I challenge you not to be moved.

Click here to watch the video

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