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Getting A Hosting Account


Hello again and welcome back. Today I want to talk to you about getting a hosting account, and what one is and why you need one.

In case you don’t already know a hosting company such as Dreamhost or Godaddy or Hostgator will let you rent domain names, as you can`t actually buy one out right, and rent you space to put them on the internet by way of your site or blog.

You can’t have a website or a proper blog without hosting unless you use a site or blog hosted by someone else which I wouldn`t recommend as if they were to shut you down for any reason you will have no control and will have lost all your sites content that may have taken you years to build up.

It`s no use having a domain name without hosting as you can’t do anything with the domain name other than just park it as they call it until you are ready to use it. What you are actually doing is renting a small piece of cyber space for your site or blog to occupy. Hosting is not very expensive typically costing less than $10 per month.

Yes it is possible to make money without a domain and hosting but I wouldn`t recommend it as you would seriously be at a disadvantage. To succeed online you really need your own blog or web site and ideally your own product, but one step at a time.

There are many hosting companies out there but I have only used two myself so I can’t personally comment on the rest of them but if you stick to one of the big names such as, or you should be ok.

I personally use and but I prefer Dreamhost as their customer service is second to none. They will help you with any problems via email very quickly, often within minutes and I can’t recommend them enough. If you sign up to Dreamhost through my affiliate link above and enter this code  4RT58USP  you will get your first domain registration for free saving you around $10.

If you click on the links above you will be signing up through my affiliate links, It won`t cost you anymore money but I do get a small commission.  But this is not why I am recommending them, it is because you won`t go far wrong with any of them and by all means check them out yourself .

Just before you spend any money on hosting make sure you are ready. By that I mean you must have decided on what type of product you will be selling affiliate from the likes of or your own.

You need the product finished and ready to go or you will be spending money on hosting each month for nothing. I will teach you how to make your own product in a future lesson and look at Clickbank in another free training video soon. Until then take care and I will go off and create the video, speak soon.

To your continued success


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