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Does Article Marketing Still Work?


I’m sure you have heard about Google Panda. Actually a lot of
online marketers have been affected by this change in Google’s
algorithm and you may have been worried about the ranking of your
website too.

If you have been using quality SEO strategies on your
site, then you don’t have to worry that much.

In relation to Google’s algorithm change, my question is, does
article marketing still work?

In my opinion, yes but on a different level.
It’s called web 2.0 marketing. The concept is still the same but you’ll
be taking article marketing to the next level.

You’ll still need articles, as they say content is king, so you need
more articles to get your website ranked higher on search engines.

With article marketing, you can submit just one article to different
directories, but with web 2.0 marketing, you must have unique content
for each site.

In web 2.0 marketing, you’ll be taking advantage of the authority
sites; the web page you will be creating is called the web 2.0
properties which Google deem as valuable sites as compared to
article directories.

High quality traffic is what a website needs
to get better positioning on SERPs. That’s exactly why us online
marketers are always on search for ways on how they can drive high
quality traffic to their sites.

As of now, Google’s Panda update is
aimed at low quality sites like content farms. This is one of the
reasons why most online marketers shifted to web 2.0 marketing to
boost their online marketing campaigns.

Speak to you soon, take care.

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