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7 More great ways of getting traffic to your site



Hello again, this is a follow on from 7 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Site That Actually Work! Today I have 7 more ways of getting traffic to your site some free and some paid for it all depends on your priorities.

With the free methods it can be time consuming and take quite a while before you see results, where as the paid methods, as you would expect are generally much quicker.  With pay per click for example you could be getting traffic within the hour, but you will have to pay for it and unless you know what you are doing it`s easy to loose your shirt.

So with that said I have not included pay per click in this post as it needs a great deal of understanding to avoid burning up your cash, but if you know what you are doing it can be an very effective way of getting fast traffic to your site, so don`t discount it.

Read through these great methods:

1. Forum Marketing

Forums are FULL of traffic!  Almost all popular niches have active forums. Go there, start posting and be as helpful as you can. You can link to your squeeze page in the bottom of every post (this is called your signature) but also forums are a great way to meet other key players in your area.  Then again, escalate your relationship with these people to drive more traffic.

2. Email Signatures

This is easy!  Just add a link to your squeeze page as the signature of every email you send. Emails get passed around so there is a viral effect here and if you are emailing someone where you don’t feel comfortable with this (e.g., a family member), simply delete the signature.

3. Solo Ads

Very fast and powerful.  You contact other people in your niche and pay them to mail to their lists promoting your squeeze page. On your Thank You page (the webpage that appears after people enter their name and email address) display a low priced (e.g., $5-$20), high value product. This can be an affiliate product if you don’t have your own. Some people will purchase and you’ll offset the cost of purchasing the solo ad.

4. Giveaways

This is some related to the internet marketing and health niches but it is still worth mentioning. Grab some PLR products, find upcoming giveaways (here) and sign up for them. When the event is promoted visitors will arrive and download your gifts in return for subscribing to you list.

5. Adswaps

Adswaps are simply “you promote my squeeze page and I’ll promote yours”. To find partners to swap with you can use a service like It’s a great way to grow your list but don’t do more than 2-3 per month as you’ll end up “diluting” your subscribers base – in other words your subscribers will end up of multiple lists of all your adswap partners.

6. Thank You Pages

Very powerful! The aim here is to get your product displayed on other marketers Thank You pages. So when people sign up for other people’s lists they are faced with your offer. Some will purchase and you get brand new proven buyers onto your list. To entice other marketers to agree to this you need to give away commission so they make money out of it. I suggest you give away 100% which you can do my using a system such as Rapid Action Profits.

7. Unmonetized Blog Posts

Search Google for popular keywords related to your niche. When you find blog posts that are ranked at the top of Google, click through to them. Most of the time at the bottom of the blog post you’ll find, well, nothing! Question: What if you approached the blog owner and suggested they make a recommendation to promote your product (eBook, video course, audio interview etc) in their blog post?

As I suggested with Thank You pages, offer 100% to entice them. They make money from the constant stream of Google traffic and you gain qualified buyers onto your list!


An entire blog post could easily be written on each of these methods to explain the various resources, strategies and techniques to maximise the traffic and over time I will be writing them for you so keep checking back.

Also there are other traffic strategies that we haven’t mentioned (e.g., affiliates, joint ventures etc).See what I mean by traffic being overwhelming? So the trick is to focus on one of these methods and work with it for some time before moving on to others. It`s all so easy to try something for a few days or weeks and not see results and think it`s not working and move on to the next strategy, this will get you nowhere.

All these strategies do work so stick with them one at a time until you get results. After a while you can use some of your profits to outsource some of the work to the likes of or the cheaper option Well that`s it for now good luck and stick with it, speak to you soon.


To your continued success



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