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3 ways to get products that sell (part 2)


Hello and welcome back to part 2 of 3 Ways to get products that sell. Lets get started with how easy it is to create your own product. Before you start to panic its really easy and if it frightens you that much you can get someone else to do it for you for peanuts.

To create your own product you need to come up with an idea and as said previously do the research to check there are people out there searching for this information and willing to spend money to get it.
Right you now need to think about what you know.

What hobbies and pass times do you have. What about your friends, family and neighbours. Do you or any of them do or know something or would like to learn about something that other people would also like to know about.

Say for example you keep a few chickens, and you would be amazed how popular keeping chickens is. You do your research that we will talk about in the next blog, and find there are roughly 3,000 searches every month out there for the keywords keeping chickens.

Right you need to sit down for half an hour or so and list everything you know or would like to know about keeping chickens. Think about the best breeds to get the most eggs, what they eat and how often, where to get it from.

How to hatch eggs and what equipment you would need, what illnesses do they suffer from and how can they be avoided. Anything you can think of and if you don’t know the answer simply google it or try youtube as it is full of useful videos on an almost unlimited amount of topics.

You then take your notes and expand on each heading and you have a book you can sell. If writing frightens you that much you can simply outsource it. Just provide all your notes and research to someone on or and people will bid on writing your book.

It should only cost you between $50 and $100 depending on the length of the book. You can then get an ebook cover designed for $5 at

Just in case you have not heard or tried it is an excellent site. You can get almost anything done for the fixed price of $5. I use it all the time to have ebook covers created, videos, back links, articles written, you name it you can almost certainly get it done there, go there now and check it out.

You can get good quality work done there for peanuts you just have to make sure your gig as they are called has at least 10 feedback comments on it and most people, preferably all of them are happy with the quality and service they got from the gig.

So there you have it, you have no excuse not to get started you can either do it all yourself or outsource it, either way it is easy to do and will get your internet business off to a flying start.

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So until next time when we will look at research techniques for your project, take care.

To your continued success


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