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3 ways to get products that sell (part 1)


Hello again, today I want to talk about getting a products you can make money with, ideally by creating your own. Oh no I hear you cry I can’t do that, well yes you can and it’s a lot easier than you think.

Its not only make money online type products that sell. There are thousands of niches out there you will never have thought of for you to exploit and you don’t need to have your own product although ultimately it is desirable.

I know what you are thinking I don’t know anything about anything, well you will be surprised if you stop and think, just what you do know. Just think about your hobbies and interests, your job, your family and friends hobbies interests and jobs.

I will bet out of just those few suggestions; if you really tried you could come up with something. All you need to do is, ideally find a subject that you either already know something about or would like to know more about to keep you interested.

Then using some research tools such as google adwords find out if there is a hungry market of buyers out there looking for that information and willing to spend money to get it. It’s no use creating a product for say students, to help them get out of debt, because students typically don’t have the money to spend on your product in the first place.

Assuming you have found a hungry market you then have three choices. Rebrand a PLR product, create a product of your own which is more desirable, or promote an affiliate product from somewhere like clickbank for example.

1) Promote an affiliate product

Although clickbank has some excellent products you can promote for up 70% commission you are working to send someone else traffic and build their list of customers not your own.

Really you should be looking to build your own list of customers as it is far easier to sell to someone who you have bought from you before and built a relationship with, than a complete stranger, hence the phrase I am sure you have heard everywhere “the monies in the list”.

2) Rebrand a PLR product

I know you are still thinking I can’t do this but you can buy a low cost PLR product which means by the way private label rights. With most of these products you need to read the small print to make sure you can rebrand it and put your name on it but it’s easy to do.

You can either sell them as is, but I wouldn’t recommend it because you will be competing with every one else selling the same product. You should change the title and see if you can improve on the original and you have your own unique product with hardly any work involved.

3) Create your own unique product

You can come up with your own niche product by as I said looking at your own life or your family or friends and using the experiences of them. For example let’s say you keep a few chickens and its amazing how many people do.

You then do the research using google adwords or wordtracker to check there are enough people searching for the keywords keeping chickens etc, more on this in the next blog as this is a subject in it’s self. Look out for part 2 of this blog coming in the next few days.

To your continued success


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