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Why Building A relationship With Your List Is So Important


Why Building A relationship With Your List Is So Important


The reason building a relationship with your list is so important is because it is far easier to get someone who has got to know and trust you through your blogs and emails to buy from you than, to try and sell to a total stranger who doesn’t know or trust you.

It’s just like the start of a new TV series, at first you are not sure about it, then as the weeks go on you get to know the characters and before long you are hooked and shouting at the TV if one of them is in danger.

You can build up that kind of trust with your list of subscribers by giving them what they want and not abusing their trust. Over time they will look up to you and treat you as an expert in your niche.

They will come to you for advice and when you recommend a product that you say will help them, they will trust your judgement and buy it. If this frightens you it shouldn’t, as your knowledge grows you will be surprised at what you do know and anything you don’t just go to the forums or google it and you will usually find what you need.

Failing that, drop me an email and I will help you. Most newcomers, (newbies) as they are known in the business, a term I dislike as I think it makes the newcomer feel small and vulnerable, will most likely know far less than you, which to them makes you an expert.

What you must never do is bombard your list with sales promotion after promotion and give them nothing of value in return. Also never promote a product you have not inspected yourself to make sure it will be of value to your list.

If you promote even one bad product, your list members will punish you by unsubscribing in their droves and your reputation will be permanently damaged.

As a rule if you are driving new potential customers who do not know you to a new offer, you will find only around 2% will buy. That means approximately 98 from every 100 visitors you send will leave your site probably forever, empty handed.

An offer sent out to your list of loyal customers on the other hand will bring in many times that. Treat your list well and you can make thousands of dollars a month from a relatively small list of just a few thousand subscribers and be set for life.

This where the big money can be made with no more effort than sending out an email promotion once or twice a month promoting a product that is either your own or an affiliates.

Your list will become your most important asset, you can do joint ventures (jvs) as they are known with other list holders, you promote their product to your list after checking it out first.

Then they promote your product to their list and because both lists trust their owners, when you recommend their product to your list they will buy on your recommendation and vice versa on their list.

I hope this has explained why you see the phrase “the money is in the list” everywhere, it’s because it’s true, but what it really should say is the money is in your relationship with your list.

Keep checking back regularly as I will be adding training and videos weekly to the site to help you on your journey to success.

To your continued success


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