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Starting Point Weekly Newsletter issue 1



     Starting Point Weekly


Hello and welcome to the first of my weekly newsletters. My name is Mike Rylance and I have spent the last few years studying what it takes to make money online. Before we go on I would like to add I am not a guru, but I have several websites of my own and know you can make a good living online by following a few simple step by step techniques that I intend to share with you over the coming weeks and months.

It is my intention to research all the popular products out there every week and buy any I think will benefit you.  I will then research them and, if and only if, I think they will be of benefit to you, I will recommend them to you so the risk is mine and not yours.

Rest assured I have your best interests at heart, I will not recommend rubbish to you as you will simply unsubscribe from my newsletter and I would not blame you. The world is full of marketers who pretend to be your friend, when really a quick buck is all they are interested in.

I can assure you I am different, I make a reasonable living and do not need to take advantage of you. I genuinely want to help you make a good start making money online, which is why I have started this newsletter.

I will never, hand on heart, tell you to buy anything I have not bought or created myself and fully reviewed to see if it will be of benefit to you. I know it can be overwhelming all the different ways of making money online but trust me I will help you find the best way through it all, so just sit back and let me do all the hard work for you and take all the risk.

This newsletter is designed to be interesting and readable and give useful information to help you on your journey to internet marketing success. It will give useful and free information and video training about how to make a living online along with some product reviews that I think will help you on that road to success.

So just sit back and enjoy. If you can think of anything that should be included in the newsletter that will increase its usefulness please email me and I will see what I can do because I want to make this as much your newsletter as my own.

The first thing we must establish is the belief that this can be done, because without that unfortunately you are beat at the first hurdle.

In Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll wrote “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Today, I don’t know if you’ve had your breakfast or not yet, but I certainly don’t want you to believe six impossible things. Just one will do to start with.

The one impossible thing that I want you to believe today – and I really mean BELIEVE it with every ounce of your being – is that you CAN.

You CAN achieve success.

You CAN do anything that you WANT to do.

You CAN … fill in your own blank!

With that fundamental belief, anything that is physically possible is within your range. At times, even disability isn’t a barrier if you have sufficient belief.

I read last month about a young man who was a successful mountain climber. He had a fall and trapped his arm between two rocks.

He had a choice that most of us couldn’t imagine having to take – he could hang there until he died, or he could cut off his own arm. He chose to live. But that horrific tale isn’t the end of it.

He could easily have decided that without an arm, his mountain climbing days were over, but not this guy. He has the fire of ‘I Can’ burning like a torch inside of him.

He now has a prosthetic arm, shaped like a pirate’s hook and he is back climbing mountains like he never left off. His story was so inspiring they made a film about it called 127 Hours as I am sure most of you will know.

You don’t need to cut off your own arm to prove that you can climb mountains – and we all have different mountains to tackle in any case. What you do need is an absolute, unshakeable certainty that you CAN climb it.

When you KNOW that you CAN, actually doing it doesn’t seem so hard after all.

What is difficult is knowing where to start, as there is so much information out there and it’s so easy to become confused or to fall for the B.S. of the instant riches brigade. I have been there too and spent a fortune on every get rich quick scheme I could get my hands on.

But as soon as I hit a problem there was nowhere to turn, so I spent more money and tried something else, needed help and couldn`t get any then gave up and spent more money, sound familiar?

I want to be honest and open with you right from the start, I will be promoting products when I come across any that I think will genuinely help you and are of good quality and from marketers of integrity, hey we all have to make a living, but of course you are under no obligation to buy anything ever, if you don`t want to.
However they will all contain the information you need to help you make money online, I will never promote products unless they are of good quality as I want to earn your trust.

But if you are serious about making a living online like everything else you will need the information to do it and unless you already have it, you will need to acquire it from somewhere. It is my intention to sort out the wheat from the chaff for you to save you from wasting your hard earned cash and provide as many free resources as possible.



     A-Z Of Internet Marketing
For those of you new to internet marketing I am starting this weekly section to explain some of the terms used in internet marketing to help you understand how the business works and what you will need to start your online business, along with the weekly training videos. So without further ado let’s get started.


A is for autoresponder

Lots of people talk about autoresponders and how you can use them to grow your business online. But what actually is an autoresponder?

Quite simply, it’s a piece of software that enables you to send emails to people automatically. What you can do is set up a sequence of prewritten emails that are sent out to prospects on your database at regular intervals.

The importance of this cannot be underestimated. Time and time again internet marketing gurus tell you that the money is in the list. This is not by accident. The online marketing specialists know that this is fact. The more people you have on a mailing list that are interested in your products or services, the more sales you will make.

What you do is you create, let’s say, a seven part email course. Then you can set the intervals for the emails to, say, once a day and send them one part of the course each day. So you write the emails and then anyone joining that list will automatically be sent those emails for the next seven days.

This doesn’t matter if you’re online or if you’re away from the computer. They will get sent automatically. They also get added to the list automatically. And if they choose to unsubscribe, all of that is taken care of without you having to lift a finger.

The main benefit to using an autoresponder is connected to the fact that the majority of people need to be told about a product seven times before they buy it. So I want to ask you, how many times are you telling your visitors about your product?

Chances are it’s less than seven. Research has shown it takes on average 7 contacts with your potential customers before they will buy from you the first time.

They’ll land on your homepage or somewhere else on your website and they’ll look at your offering, but the majority of your sites visitors will disappear. So unless you can get them onto an opt-in mailing list, either a course or free information that is of multi-part format, the chances are you will have lost them forever.

You can use an autoresponder to send these messages out to people with their permission convincing them and educating them about your product.

This is simply a form of permission marketing. People will give you their permission to receive emails in return for you giving them free, quality information. Do not load the messages with over-hyped sales pitches, but give them real quality information with a small mention about your product at the end.

What you’ll find is that people come to know you and grow to trust you over time as you send them more and more information. The longer you can maintain this relationship with them, the more likely they are to actually buy from you.

The beauty of this is that using an autoresponder saves you the costs of printing, posting and packaging and enables you to contact and keep in touch with all your prospects around the clock without actually having to do anything. There are many autoresponder companies out there some free and some paid.

But from my experience if you are serious about your business you want the best which for me is hands down Aweber. But you do not need one until you have put everything else in place first, which we will talk about at a later date as I do not wish to overload you with information.

You can start without an autoresponder, without your own product and even without your own website, but I will go into that more in the coming weeks and give you more free resources to show you how.






Benjamin Disraeli said,

“Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.”



     A Moment’s Inspiration


If you think you are beaten you are;
If you think you dare not, you don’t.
If you’d like to win, but you think you can’t,
It’s almost a cinch you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost,
For out in the world we find
Success begins with a fellow’s will;
It’s all in the state of mind.

Walter D. Wintle.

I have a free gift for you to help you build your positive mind set because without this my friend, as I said you are already beaten. This is one of the best self-help books ever written and has sold over 30 million copies to date, it’s called Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. To download your free copy just click on the download now link below and save to your desktop or somewhere you can find it later and enjoy with my complements.

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     This Week’s Quick Tip



Take a ten minutes break, right now. Plan your day on paper. Make yourself a list of everything you would like to achieve today. That’s right, everything.

Now, get two coloured highlighter pens and mark all the tasks that will take more than half an hour, and all those that will take less.

Set your own priorities for the jobs, but make sure you complete at least two short ones for every long one.

For every long job crossed off the list or two short ones, give yourself a small reward, a five minute break, a square of chocolate, a cup of coffee. You choose.

Now watch as your busy schedule starts to make more sense.

Welcome to the wonderful world of time management.



     Just For Fun



Goldfish are the only known animal that can see in both infrared and ultraviolet light.



Wrapping it all up




I hope you found this informative and not to formal and over the coming weeks I will share with you some of the easiest ways to get started online and with your feedback this newsletter will develop into something really special to help you on your journey.


Speak to you next week with how to raise the small amount of start-up money you will need for internet marketing, (only a few dollars), without spending any of your own money and another business opportunity as a by-product that may interest you and of course some more useful free information.


To watch this weeks training video just click on the link below and don’t forget to look out for my email headed Starting Point Weekly every week. Until next week enjoy the video training.  Click here to view lesson 1.
To your continued success.

Mike Rylance.





If you have any suggestions for this newsletter or require any help you can contact me in person by email at   [email protected]

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