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A good way to spend a rainy Sunday









I know this is unrelated to internet marketing but I just wanted to share it with you as a possible additional way to make money and a break from the usual blog posts.

My wife, Sue works part time for something to do, only 15 hours a week in a childrens nursery. But lately the management has changed and it`s not the friendly place it used to be. She is thinking of leaving even though she loves the kids but knows she will be climbing the walls after a couple of weeks at home doing nothing.

So I saw a course advertised on selling on Ebay. Neither of us know much about selling on Ebay but I figured the best way to learn about something is to get information from someone who is already doing it and is offering to mentor us.

Anyway, I ordered the course and a week later it arrived, several manuals and some training dvds. We spent a couple of weeks going through them and yesterday as part of the training we drove 150 miles in the pouring rain to attend a live training workshop in the Midlands to see how it`s done there live in front of us.

It was a great day where we met other people more or less in the same boat as us, newbies so to speak, I hate that word.

The event was run by a big publishing company in the UK and I was amazed to see the company owner Nick Laight and his wife Helouise there supporting Amanda the lady giving the presentation and giving out helpful information.

I had a chat with them during the day and was supprised how ordinary and down to earth they both were. Anyway Nick told me the best way to start making money from home is definately Ebay, which I had not really taken seriously until now. I thought of it as just a way to make a bit of spare cash for my wife to keep her entertained during the day.

How wrong I was, Amanda the lady giving the presentation is making thousands of dollars per month on Ebay, so I have now issued a challenge to my wife to be making $2000 minimum per month by the end of the year from a standing start.

I will keep you posted on her progress for a bit of fun and who knows if she makes it I may put together a training product on how she did it.

There is nothing like attending live workshops, to network and get you fired up. It has even got me interested so I will help out when needed. That`s it for now, take care and we will speak again soon.

To your continued success.


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