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Starting Point Weekly Issue 11


Issue 11

***Starting Point Weekly

Greetings and welcome to issue 11.

Today I am going to talk to you some more on motivation. Every now and again I am going to try and bring you a short article or video or both to try and keep you motivated sometimes by reminding you of the consequences of you not taking action such as today or the rewards of taking action and seeing your dreams come to fruition.

I know at this point in time it may be difficult to believe you can do this but believe me my friend you can. There are millions of people throughout the world, myself included making regular money from the internet so why can`t you.

They are just ordinary people like you who all started from where you are now with no list or products or contacts but they all persevered until they achieved success.

As the old Chinese proverb says “even the longest journey begins with a single step”, so follow the steps I am giving you one step at a time and you surly will achieve the success you desire.

Click here to watch an amazing short video of an athlete who just wouldn’t quit even though he couldn’t win, he still wouldn’t be beaten and it turned him into a hero with the crowd, very moving stuff.

Always remember as long as you don’t give up you will never be beaten

Thought For Today

When you speak, do you listen?

And when others speak, do you hear?

There is a voice inside your head that loves to interrupt. It chimes in all the time – it cuts across other people when they speak to you and gets in the way when you speak to them, making you forget your thread and hum and haw.

Today’s thought is a simple technique that lets you silence that voice so that you can start to really hear and listen.

Try this out today – and practice it whenever you can. It seems awkward at first, but you’ll soon see how powerful it can be.

For really listening to what other people are saying to you, repeat their words inside your head AS THEY SAY THEM.

This does two things. It makes sure that you have really heard what they are saying, and it blocks your inner voice from taking you on sidetracks.

When you are speaking, do the same thing – echo the words you utter inside your own head. This makes you concentrate on the flow of your own words better and prevents many of the irritating filler words (um, eh, ah, like, y’know) from popping out.

As soon as you start to speak more fluently, without all the fillers cluttering up your meaning, people will start to respond to what you say rather than the way you say it.

Give it ah a try um, you’ll like soon see ah that it, you know, works um wonders in your er communications.


Michel de Montaigne said,

“There is as much difference between us and ourselves as between us and others.”

Achieving Your Goals

Every goal, ambition, dream or target that you have in your life comes ready-made with a fixed amount of energy attached to it.

Once that pre-fixed energy is gone, you lapse into a state of flux: you neither have the power to carry on towards your target, nor do you have the will to forget the whole thing.

The result: procrastination. All you can do is think of other things that you’d rather be doing.

But, that unfinished task acts like a drain on the energy attached to all the other things that you do instead.

Each task’s energy CAN be boosted, but only if it is topped up before it runs empty.

The trick is to either plan your jobs so that you finish each one while its energy level is still sufficient to keep you going, or to deliberately stop before the tank runs empty – so that your enthusiasm can supply the needed fuel for you to start again another day.

Think of it like a car. All the time there is gas in the tank, you can go somewhere and get things done. If the needle says that the tank is running low, you can get to a gas station and fill up.

But if you ignore that needle and allow the tank to run dry, you grind to a halt. Odds are that you will come to a full-stop in the most inconvenient place possible, and getting more gas will be a major challenge.

Check out this hilarious video on not finishing projects, jump in at the 5 minute mark if you are pushed for time it`s so true. Click here to watch

A Moment’s Inspiration

Perception is the spark that often starts us on the road to success. We perceive that it possible.

Perspiration is the oil that keeps our wheels turning even when they start to seize up.

Persistence is the fuel that keeps out engine burning even when the journey seems impossible.

Performance is the wheel that steers our course – as long as we can perform the correct actions, our route will be true.

Personal is our destination. Only we can truly say to where we are journeying.

Perhaps you agree. That would be perfect.

Paid Traffic

1. Pay Per Click (PPC)
A few years ago you could use Adwords (Google’s PPC service) to buy traffic at incredibly cheap rates like $0.05 per click.

People made a lot of money by running PPC campaigns and sending it directly to the sales pages of affiliate offers (such as those on Clickbank) or to CPA offers (where you get paid when a visitor that you send performs a specific action such as filling out a form or requesting a consultation).

Alas, those days are long gone: Google is MUCH more expensive these days and is very strict about what kind of web pages you can send people to.

However, there are other non-Google options which can provide you with very cheap traffic. and are two such platforms.

They are not perfect (what is really?) but I recommend you investigate them as cheap traffic is possible if you are willing to invest some time in tweaking your campaigns.

Facebook is another popular platform of course although I haven’t tried this myself (yet!).

Solo Ads
This is where you pay another market to promote your squeeze page to their list.

You can find opportunities through services like the Warrior Forum (Joint Venture section), approaching marketers directly via email or using mailing list finders such as or my favorite one I always use for new lists is

This is one of the fastest ways to build your list, especially if you are starting from zero and need an initial “kick start”! I will show you a video next week of one of my own personal safeswaps campaigns.

The only thing is that you shouldn’t get too carried away with them because if you do adswaps all the time then your subscribers will end up on multiple lists and be less attentive to your emails. So your open rates will decline and ultimately your list will just die!

This is where you pay to put a banner (which is like a small advert for your site or product) on other sites to drive traffic to your site or offer.

You can get a banner designed cheaply on and then get a company such as to place your banner for you on high traffic sites.

I could go on and on and there are a multitude of traffic strategies out there. But the ones above work and they will work for you to if you’re willing to put in some time and effort and a little money.

In case you missed it in last weeks edition here is a free book on traffic generation, just click here to download it.

Also here is the link again to a very low cost traffic generation video course ( less than $10 ) that comes with PLR rights so you can sell it to your customers and recoup the cost on your first sale.

It will also become a useful part of your sales funnel and help build trust with your future subscribers.
Just click here to learn more.

This Week’s Quick Tip

Never rely on memory alone. It is either fleeting, or deceiving.

In a normal business environment, dozens of decisions are made each day – many of them in totally inappropriate places. The water cooler, the corridor, the restroom.

Will you remember every decision and action point? Will the other person?

Make sure that every decision that requires input from you (even if that input is no further action) is immediately documented.

Keep a small notepad in your pocket and jot down the place, time and action point. Then, as soon as is practical, fire off a quick email to the other party to confirm the conversation.

You will look far more professional and you will suffer far less from the ‘I said, you said’ misunderstandings.

The A-Z Of The Internet

K is for keywords
A keyword is a word you would type into a search engine or web site when searching for information or a product. When you have a few words together then it becomes known as a keyword phrase.

For example you go to ebay and type in the keyword shoes, that keyword will need to be included in the sellers advert or their product will not show up when someone types in that word into the search bar.

Even better if you can be more specific, such as mens shoes or ladies slippers, it all helps you to be found by the person searching for that particular product.

It’s the same with the search engines, if you are selling a product about, say list building.

Ideally your sales page should contain the keywords list building as many times as possible without it affecting the way the sales page reads.

It should also contain similar keywords that are related to the product. Even better try to put the keywords list building into the domain name of the site to help you rank well in the search engines.

Just For Fun

Did you know the microwave oven was invented by accident. A researcher found that a bar of chocolate in his pocket melted after he had stood near to a radar tube.

Parting Words

Well that’s it for another week, don’t forget there are dozens of ways to get traffic to your site, but you should just pick 2 or 3 to concentrate on or you will find it all becomes all too much for you and you will give up. Master 1 or 2 first and then try some more and before long you will be a traffic master yourself.

Here is that link again to a very low cost traffic generation video course ( less than $10 ) that comes with PLR rights so you can sell it to your customers and recoup the cost on your first sale.

It will also become a useful part of your sales funnel and help build trust with your future subscribers.
Click here to learn more.

Until next week take care and don`t forget to watch the video training below.

Click here to watch this weeks training video.

To your continued success


As usual your comments on this newsletter are valuable to me and any improvements or additions or even omissions will be taken note of if enough people share your opinion.

This is your newsletter and I want you to have a say about what goes into it to get the most out of it. If you have any useful tips or information that you would like to share with the readers just email me and if it gets included in the newsletter I will give you full credit by name.

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